Greetings from Trout and Meh Gerbil:

Hello and a warm welcome to the Drama Club. This is a place where everyone is encouraged to kick around ideas. It is the primary Internet hangout of Trout and Meh_Gerbil. We consider ourselves "Christians" but reluctantly use that term as it comes with so much baggage and so many preconceptions. We'd more aptly be considered Jesus freaks. Instead of accusing us of certain beliefs, feel absolutely free to ask us what we believe, we'll gladly share our mind. This forum will be a seriousish place to talk/argue/scream/fight about Christian apologetic topics. No holds barred.

This area is very similar to Apologetics 301 and moderated much the same light handed way. We must still insist that this forum operate under the guidelines issued by the owners.

Hang out a while, read a few threads, get comfy and then please, dive in. The water's fine.

We are not moderators or members of leadership. Nor do we speak for the site in any official capacity. We are members, just like you. No special privileges no blood oaths no secret tattoos.

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