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  1. Good to be back
  2. Replying to Peter Boghossian
  3. A Review of Defending The Resurrection
  4. Book Plunge: You Bet Your Life
  5. Freda Bush on the Deeper Waters Podcast
  6. When God Goes To Starbucks
  7. Geisler Is Out There Again
  8. End Times Hopscotch
  9. My Beauty Queen
  10. A Serrated Edge
  11. Blessed Assurance
  12. Deeper Waters Podcast 2/1/2014
  13. The Early Text of the New Testament
  14. Book Plunge: Jesus Was A Mushroom
  15. Book Plunge: Sense and Goodness Without God
  16. Deeper Waters Podcast 2/8/2014
  17. The Ham/Nye Debate: I Don't Care.
  18. Clarification on Discussing Evolution
  19. Book Plunge: Who Chose The Gospels?
  20. Book Plunge: Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job
  21. The Apostles' Creed
  22. Deeper Waters Podcast 3/1/2014
  23. Book Plunge: True Reason
  24. How Not To Debate a Christian Apologist
  25. Book Plunge: Reliable Truth
  26. Book Plunge: Four Views on the Historical Adam
  27. Deeper Waters Podcast 3/8/2014
  28. Book Plunge: How Do We Know?
  29. On being a current apologist: A response to Randy Hardman
  30. Book Plunge: How God Became Jesus
  31. Book Plunge: Rabbi Jesus
  32. Book Plunge: Jesus and His World
  33. Deeper Waters Podcast 3/22/2014
  34. On Interacting With Street Epistemologists
  35. Deeper Waters Podcast 3/29/2014. How God Became Jesus.
  36. Book Plunge: Can We Still Believe The Bible?
  37. Book Plunge: Blood Moon Lunacy
  38. Deeper Waters Podcast 4/5/2014: Aspergers and Apologetics
  39. Book Plunge: Easter is Pagan and Other Fables
  40. book plunge: Truth Matters
  41. The Tragedy of Christian Bookstores
  42. Deeper Waters Podcast 4/12/2014
  43. Book Plunge: The Trace of God
  44. Oh look. Geisler has a new web site.
  45. Are We The Crazy Ones?
  46. Deeper Waters Podcast 4/19/2014
  47. Book Plunge: The Grand Central Question
  48. Deeper Waters Podcast 4/26/2014
  49. Book Plunge: How Jesus Became God
  50. Holden's Not Happy
  51. How To Not Make A Messiah
  52. Book Plunge: The Historical Jesus, Five Views
  53. Deeper Waters Podcast 5/10/2014: Is Reality Secular?
  54. Book Plunge: Core Facts
  55. Deeper Waters Podcast 5/17/2014
  56. Book Plunge: The Wrong Jesus
  57. Be Your Own Media
  58. A Response to Joseph Mattera
  59. Deeper Waters Podcast 5/24/2014
  60. Defining Inerrancy
  61. Tim McGrew Vs. Peter Boghossian
  62. The Problem With Internet Debates
  63. Why Does Virginity Matter?
  64. Book Plunge: Jesus Wept
  65. Deeper Waters Podcast 5/31/2014: Joseph Hinman
  66. Book Plunge: Rethinking Hell
  67. Who Won The Feminist War?
  68. Deeper Waters Podcast 6/7/2014
  69. Geisler's Shark Infested Waters
  70. Why Neil DeGrasse Tyson Should Stick To Science
  71. Book Plunge: In Search of Paul
  72. Deeper Waters Podcast 6/14/2014: How Do We Know?
  73. Book Plunge: The Harbinger
  74. Reading The Bible As Literature
  75. No True Inerrantist!
  76. Fathers Know Best
  77. Deeper Waters Podcast 6/21/2014: Core Facts
  78. A Response to James White on Defining Inerrancy
  79. Why Mythicism Should Not Be Taken Seriously
  80. Book Plunge: In Search of Moral Knowledge
  81. Deeper Waters Podcast 6/28/2014
  82. False Views On The Appeal To Authority
  83. Book Plunge: Faith is like Skydiving
  84. Book Plunge: The Myth of Christian Beginnings
  85. Faith is not a virtue
  86. Deeper Waters Podcast 7/5/2014: Bill Fortenberry
  87. Book Plunge: Christians as the Romans Saw Them.
  88. Is Christianity meant to Control?
  89. Gentlemen. We Are At War.
  90. Deeper Waters Podcast on ITunes!
  91. About Deeper Waters and how you can support us.
  92. Deeper Waters Podcast: 7/12/2014 Talking about Plutarch
  93. Book Plunge: The Story of Jesus in History and Faith
  94. Some Tips On Research
  95. Deeper Waters Podcast 7/19/2014: Is God A Moral Monster?
  96. Debunking 9 Truly Evil Things Right-Wing Christians Do
  97. Book Plunge: The Last Superstition
  98. Four Years!
  99. Book Plunge: Do Not Be Afraid
  100. A View From The Officiant
  101. Deeper Waters Podcast 8/2/2014: EVIL!
  102. Is Inerrancy an Essential?
  103. Book Plunge: Christ Crucified
  104. Book Plunge: Unveiling Grace
  105. Book Plunge: Apologetics Beyond Reason
  106. Deeper Waters Podcast 8/9/2014: David Capes
  107. The Google Generation
  108. Book Plunge: A Rooster Once Crowed
  109. On The Death of Robin Williams
  110. Deeper Waters Podcast 8/16/2014: Joe Mulvihill
  111. Brush With Death
  112. Dealing with a KJV-Onlyist
  113. Book Plunge: Faith and Reason. Three Views
  114. Book Plunge: Inventing The Flat Earth
  115. Deeper Waters Podcast: How To Form Your Canon with Lee McDonald
  116. Richard Dawkins: A Gift From God
  117. Real Persecution
  118. Book Plunge: The New Atheism: A Survival Guide
  119. Deeper Waters Podcast 8/30/2014: R. Scott Smith
  120. Do We Care For Our Own Any More?
  121. Book Plunge: The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction
  122. Book Plunge: The Civil War As A Theological Crisis
  123. Book Plunge: Crucifixion
  124. Deeper Waters Podcast 9/6/2014: Lenny Esposito
  125. What Stolen Photos Say About Us
  126. Book Plunge: Exposing Myths about Christianity
  127. Deeper Waters Podcast 9/13/2014
  128. Book Plunge: The Myth of Persecution
  129. Norman Geisler: Still Being A Bully
  130. A Response to Islam Answers
  131. Book Plunge: Where The Conflict Really Lies
  132. Deeper Waters Podcast 9/20/2014: Rick Mattson
  133. Plans After 34 Years
  134. Book Plunge: Rim of the Sandhills
  135. Book Plunge: The Origin and Growth of Religion
  136. Deeper Waters Podcast 9/27/2014
  137. Book Plunge: Truth In A Culture of Doubt
  138. Book Plunge: Why Church History Matters
  139. Upcoming Deeper Waters Debate
  140. Deeper Waters Podcast 10/4/2014: James Sire
  141. A Tribute To Gretchen Passantino Coburn
  142. A Response to Richard Hagenston
  143. Book Plunge: True Paradox
  144. Deeper Waters Podcast 10/11/2014: Graham Veale
  145. Book Plunge: Johannine Theology
  146. Thoughts on the Titanic Museum
  147. The Christian Who Cried Pagan
  148. Deeper Waters Podcast 10/18/2014
  149. Book Plunge: God's Design For Man And Woman
  150. Deeper Waters Podcast 10/25/2014: Marcia Montenegro
  151. My Fear With Houston
  152. The Need To Analyze Information
  153. Annual Halloween Thoughts
  154. Deeper Waters Podcast 11/1/2014: Is The Harbinger Fact or Fiction?
  155. Conspiracy Theories. Don't.
  156. A Response to Clergy on Amendment One
  157. The Tragedy of Suicide
  158. Why I Don't Use Wikipedia In Debate
  159. Deeper Waters Podcast 11/8/2014: Kurt Jaros
  160. A Response To Samantha Pugsley
  161. Is Ephesians 5:22 a whip?
  162. God Bless Our Veterans
  163. Why I Reject a Natural/Supernatural Distinction
  164. Deeper Waters Podcast 11/15/2014: Lynn Wilder
  165. Listening To Bids
  166. Book Plunge: GodBuster
  167. This Is A Man's World
  168. Debate Tomorrow
  169. Deeper Waters Podcast 11/22/2014: Adam's Road
  170. Book Plunge: Jesus: Evidence and Reason or Mythicist Myths
  171. My Ken Humphreys debate is up.
  172. The Reality of Jesus
  173. Book Plunge: Unmasking The Pagan Christ
  174. Nick Mentioned on Dr. Craig's Podcast RE: Disagreement with Dr. Walton on Creation
  175. Book Plunge: Apologetics for the 21st Century
  176. Deeper Waters Podcast 11/29/2014
  177. Ken Humphreys Does Some Quote Mining
  178. Death of an Innocent Black Child
  179. Interview With An Atheist
  180. Book Plunge: The Passionate Intellect
  181. Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?
  182. Deeper Waters Podcast 12/13/2014: Louis Markos
  183. Book Plunge: On The Journey To Achievement
  184. Book Plunge: Did God Really Command Genocide?
  185. Book Plunge: Christianity on Trial
  186. Why Google Research Is A Problem
  187. Deeper Waters Podcast 12/20/2014: Paul Rainbow
  188. Why I Question The "Personal Relationship" Paradigm
  189. Raphael Lataster in the Washington Post
  190. Sharing is Uncaring
  191. Book Plunge: The Good Shepherd
  192. Merry Christmas!
  193. Deeper Waters Podcast 12/27/2014: Bob Stewart
  194. 10 Books
  195. On Exodus, Gods and Kings.
  196. Book Plunge: Knowing Jesus Through The Old Testament
  197. Book Plunge: Memory, Jesus, and the Synoptic Gospels
  198. Deeper Waters Podcast 1/3/2015: Jay Watts
  199. Do Religious People Have Shaky Foundations?
  200. Defend The Faith 2015 Conference
  201. Checking Internet Quotes
  202. When Christian action is not action?
  203. Book Plunge: The 3D Gospel
  204. Deeper Waters Podcast 1/17/2015: Peter D. Williams
  205. Book Plunge: Two Views of Hell
  206. When Shame Dies
  207. Book Plunge: The Global Gospel
  208. Book Plunge: How Jesus Passes The Outsider Test
  209. Deeper Waters Podcast 1/24/2015: Dee Dee Warren
  210. Is Bill Maher Right On Religion?
  211. Book Plunge: Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory
  212. Book Plunge: With The Clouds of Heaven
  213. Book Plunge: Aborting Aristotle
  214. Deeper Waters Podcast 1/31/2015: Dave Sterrett
  215. Book Plunge: Sex and Violence in the Bible
  216. Book Plunge: Crazy Busy
  217. Genesis and Antis
  218. Being Lonely in Christianity
  219. Deeper Waters Podcast 2/7/2015: Werner Mischke
  220. Pastor. I Don't Want Your Job.
  221. Book Plunge: Godless
  222. Book Plunge: Prayer
  223. Book Plunge: But God Raised Him From The Dead
  224. Thoughts on Valentine's Day
  225. Book Plunge: Fifty Shades of Freedom
  226. Deeper Waters Podcast 2/21/2015: Tawa Anderson
  227. Along came Poly
  228. Book Plunge: So Many Christians, So Few Lions
  229. Book Plunge: What Have They Done With Jesus?
  230. Book Plunge: The Lost World of Adam and Eve
  231. Deeper Waters Podcast 2/28/2015: Justin Langford
  232. Book Plunge: Disproving Christianity
  233. Book Plunge: Fact Vs Value
  234. Do We Really Know More?
  235. My Appearance on Atheist Analysis
  236. Deeper Waters Podcast 3/5/2015: John Walton
  237. Simplistic Answers
  238. The Embarrassment of Christian Media
  239. We're Not All Happy. They're Not All Miserable.
  240. Book Plunge: The Gospel of the Lord
  241. Deeper Waters Podcast 3/14/2015: Jerry Walls
  242. An Open Challenge to David McAfee
  243. Do Women Need Theology?
  244. The Need For Rest
  245. Tips for Apologetics
  246. You Can't Master It All
  247. Another Complaint About Falsehood On The Internet
  248. Why Inerrancy Should Not Be Your Focus
  249. Changes at Deeper Waters
  250. Does Science Show The Bible To Be A Myth?