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  1. Proposal
  2. So... serious question, folks...
  3. This is the most manly thing on the internet
  4. Where's your Timothy?
  5. Who was manlier?
  6. Do any of you guys smoke cigars?
  7. Beer
  8. Cannabis? now becoming legal in a number of states. Any tokers out there.
  9. Home Renovation
  10. How often do you guys discipline your wives?
  11. Christian masculinity from the Manosphere
  12. Girls
  13. Sex drive and Diet
  14. Bacon
  15. As Christ Loved The Church
  16. Stuff that dads say
  17. Was it easier to be celibate during biblical times due to diet?
  18. Whisky
  19. Are there some guy things that just don't jibe with you?
  20. What do you think are the sins males tend to fall into most easily?
  21. Cleaning dishes
  22. Top Kiwi Bloke. Bitten by shark, stitches himself up, goes to the pub with mates.
  23. Real Alaskan "man"
  24. How the eastern orthodox attracts its men
  25. How modern marriage is a fools gamble for men
  26. What man things do you like to do with your friends?
  27. Tachomoters
  28. The manly talk of our forefathers for all of you filled with Dash-Fire.
  29. Home Defense Plans
  30. Wife Training 101
  31. Matthew 5:28 - Don't lust after women
  32. For guys who don't want to be single any longer
  33. And this is how you do it
  34. A Dating Section
  35. Happy Father's Day
  36. This is the one invention a guy needs.
  37. Choose one
  38. Art of Manliness on Alphas and Betas
  39. Manosphere Blogs
  40. The Walking Dead
  41. Feminist list of demands in chart form
  42. What kind of frat is this?
  43. Rum
  44. Rebuilding Engines and Car Mechanic Stuff
  45. The red pill subreddit
  46. Men are from Mars Women are from Venus demonstrated in Creative writing form :)
  47. Man kills grizzly bear with a knife
  48. Something I found: a thread of a 1/2 scale AR-15 build
  49. Beards, moustaches, and whatever else.
  50. Career-Chicks
  51. Guns
  52. Beer
  53. Being a Christ-like Man
  54. Colored hair on women
  55. Rum
  56. Just remember guys, it is NOT about the nail!
  57. Wine
  58. Agua Dulce
  59. Hot Chocolate
  60. Tea
  61. Smoking or Grilling
  62. This NY Times article makes me not want to be a "Modern Man"
  63. Things you wouldn't think you'd start doing in middle age
  64. Wood Chopping
  65. Not the typical guy
  66. This sport is making me re-think my life
  67. The Secret to a Happy Life
  68. Teenage Wasteland
  69. Creative anachronism.
  70. Steak.
  71. Pocket Knives
  72. Adulting
  73. Not much goes on here it seems.
  74. I think this picture sums up a lot of our thinking
  75. Grilled cheese
  76. Can Someone Explain This?
  77. Tools.
  78. Your Views on Patriarchy
  79. Your Views on 'Your Views on Patriarchy'
  80. Real Men have Curves
  81. lifting weights is a moral imperative for every man
  82. There is a part of me that wants to drink, but I have health issues.