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  1. What art thou currently reading?
  2. Poetry by Twebbers
  3. Nobility Among Us
  4. This Is the Dumbest Thing I've Ever Seen
  5. The Chaos - Poem by Gerald Nolst Trenité
  6. A Piece of Contemplative Prose
  7. Apparently Hannibal Lecter was a publisher
  8. Epistomology for Beginners
  9. Free for Kindle - great book on prayer
  10. My Writing
  11. The Weeper (my short story)
  12. The Deconstruction of Cynical Thoughtstoppers via Epigrammatic Paradoxes Megathread
  13. Anybody know good books on the synoptic problem besides Robert Stein's introduction?
  14. Short Story
  15. Relaunch of the Sci Phi Journal - I'm going to be published alongside John C. Wright!
  16. Journal of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting #1
  17. Free eBooks from Biblical Archaeology Society
  18. Fun moderate reading level books?
  19. Merry NaNoWriMo!
  20. Anyone Read Care of the Soul by Moore?
  21. What are the Best Collections of Irish Myths and Legends?
  22. Who was your Favorite College Professor
  23. Ballad of Killkenny - first part
  24. Obama shares Scripture
  25. Planning out a story
  26. Notable Quotes
  27. The Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi (review)
  28. Any Church Librarians Here?
  29. My First Poetry Collection: Selected Verse - Faith and Family
  30. Writing Help--Characters
  31. The Night Land
  32. Writing my novel
  33. Harry Potteractually about mental illness?
  34. In Search Of...
  35. Proofreaders required.
  36. Need Proofreaders, Too
  37. Looking for Beta Readers
  38. Books on Baptism - Any good ones?
  39. Waterproof/tearproof Bible
  40. I got a book with a 2016 copyright
  41. Short story
  42. My second poetry collection: Selected Verse - Heroes and Wonders
  43. Madness's Revelation, A Short Story - Warning: Multiple Triggers
  44. Shadow and Light
  45. Great apologetics website
  46. short story lessons learned
  47. Most searched-for books of 2015
  48. Some story ideas
  49. Writing goals
  50. Tweb Basics: Thread Subscriptions
  51. Need Help with a Project
  52. A novice on C.S Lewis.
  53. I've been interviewed on the Catholic Geek Radio Podcast!
  54. Books I am getting requested on my tablet.
  55. Story ideas I have.
  56. Structural writing question--your opinion
  57. The ManWho Was Thursday a Nightmare
  58. Recommended Reading for Former President Obama
  59. The Case for Christ
  60. With much excitement!
  61. Is ASCII Code relevant for Apocalypse 13:18? I think so
  62. I have known...
  63. Gaiman Pullman and C.S.Lewis
  64. Rev 2
  65. My novel is almost done
  66. There Was a Girl...
  67. A Novel Title
  68. Perry Rhodan
  69. I have not read this, but I surely plan to.
  70. The Eternal Generation of the Son.
  71. Short story
  72. Tales of the Once and Future King
  73. So I recorded another song...
  74. Christmas humor based on present experience
  75. memorization, speed reading, faster learning
  76. Your Sweet Soul
  77. Who Else Would Dare?
  78. Advent/Christmas Readings
  79. Appearing on a Poetry Discussion Program
  80. Bohemian Advent
  81. Favorite Apologetic Books
  82. A Big Ask
  83. How to Read More Books, and Read Them Faster
  84. Anyone here read Things Fall Apart?
  85. Reading MLK jr.
  86. Teen Study Bibles
  87. You Really Are Too Good to Us
  88. A Young Man's Soul
  89. Poem: Salvation At The Hands Of God
  90. How did I deserve to know?
  91. The Light Beyond the Window
  92. Dream Idea
  93. An interesting book I found
  94. A Hope That Burns