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  1. The Biker Dude
  2. Sissy Soldiers
  3. As a Christian, He/She was always ________________________
  4. A Mile in the Pastor's Shoes
  5. Just Callin to say Thanks
  6. The Pastor's Bossy Babysitter
  7. The "Throw Down Bible"
  8. The BADDEST Chick on Campus
  9. The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done as a Pastor - Part I
  10. Things They Didn't Teach Me In Cemetery
  11. Wynn It!
  12. Psalms, Hymns and Songs from the Spirit....
  13. So, ABOUT that Cancer....
  15. I absolutely LOVE this!!!
  16. It's time...
  17. She Made Me the Pastor
  18. What Prayer Does
  19. “Thanking God for His Provision”
  20. He Sat Next To Me For Ten Years...
  21. Kairos Prison Ministry in a nutshell
  22. Spritual Sandpaper
  23. The Band of Brothers
  24. Finding Christian Truths in the Secular: The Metro series
  25. The Problem of Evil
  26. The Fellowship of Suffering
  27. The Prayer Journal
  28. How Long Has it Been?
  29. I'm Not Grateful Enough
  30. Calvary is Judo
  31. The Power of Prayer
  32. Need guidance on how to believe!
  33. Inspirational Christian Quotes:
  34. My Journey.
  35. How did you guys come to believe.
  36. SUIADOS - in life
  37. Somebody Stole My Wife's Study Bible
  38. Something I have learned.
  39. Praise to the Lord.
  40. Prayer for my family
  41. Being an ambassador to christ
  42. Whoever is not against us.
  43. We will be together. For better or worse.
  44. Do You Have a "Quiet Time"?
  45. Playing chess with pigeons
  46. Forgiving.
  47. Doing what we hate
  48. I Need Some Homework Help
  49. Exhortations and accountability
  50. "Saying Grace" in Public...
  51. Render Unto Caesar
  52. The Blood of the Lamb.
  53. Something my Preacher said
  54. Something to Think about.
  55. I took communion for the first time ever.
  56. Prayer for family. A question.
  57. A prayer.
  58. My brother read an apologetics book.
  59. What is heaven like?
  60. The Song of Songs.
  61. I have learned a lot here.
  62. What is my role?
  63. Prayer
  64. Ezekiel 37
  65. Hosptial Cafe Evangelism
  66. Listening to the Spirit
  67. Cripple Preaching Healing
  68. 4th Sunday in Lent
  69. Happy Easter!
  70. I Got Issues
  71. Jesus in the Room
  72. God's Word delivers
  73. Living a generous life.
  74. The Music of the Spheres
  75. Kairos Prison Ministry
  76. Need a GREAT perspective on Death & Dying from a Christian Perspective?
  77. Just Needing to Vent
  78. Rigging the USS Enterprise with Sails.
  79. Testimony and short sermon by Tom Milnes
  80. I'm the Dummy
  81. On "Closing Church"