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  1. Paleo diet - Bad News
  2. My Type 2 journey thus far
  3. Who Wants to Lose Weight With Me?
  4. Brown Rice and Arsenic?
  5. Yogurt and sugar
  6. TFCC tear
  7. Second Hand Smoke - is it dangerous?
  8. E-Cigarettes, what's your opinion?
  9. Justina Pelletier
  10. Back from The Dead!
  11. Study Questions Fat and Heart Disease Link
  12. My brother's response to the Breast Cancer selfies
  13. Casual marijuana use may damage your brain
  14. So....Dentures.
  15. A Good
  16. Tylenol or not?
  17. Yick...The Tumor Was HOW Big?
  18. Sugar and I
  19. So I figured out what's wrong with my stomach...
  20. Boy Bankrupted Tooth Fairy
  21. How Not To Siphon Gas
  22. The Weight Loss Thread
  23. Are human fetuses parasites?
  24. Chiropractors say the darndest things....
  25. Resveratrol NOT a magic bullet
  26. Date Rape Nail Polish?
  27. Cow Poke vs. the Lone Star tick
  28. Fire ant hell sunburn itch
  29. Dangers of Denying Dementia
  30. To Quarantine or not to Quarantine Ebola Health Workers
  31. Bad breath & BO
  32. Stuttering
  33. Raw almonds?
  34. Donating plasma
  35. Migraines
  36. salt to "soak up" phytic acid
  37. Atkins and me
  38. Segmented Sleep
  39. For Discussion: Auckland bar denies pregnant teacher a drink (sparkling wine)
  40. Perfect Salad
  41. Healthy Snacks
  42. Anti-vaxxer mother recants after her seven children contract whooping cough
  43. Can a medically minded TWebber translate this for me?
  44. Artificial Sweetners
  45. Librax?
  46. Live Blood Cell Analysis
  47. Hopeless autistic boy turns out to be physics genius
  48. Itchy Spot
  49. Do you even lift?
  50. Heat Exhaustion
  51. Healthy Smoothies
  52. Probiotics
  53. EnChroma Glasses to give Color for Color Blindness
  54. Yeowich!
  55. Positional Vertigo
  56. Bruxism
  57. Strange Remedies and "Resets" for Human Problems
  58. Flooring
  59. Can't sleep through the night
  60. Ingrown Toenail
  61. Bananas: Good for the Tummy ?
  62. Blood Donation
  63. Infected Ankle
  64. Broken Toe?
  65. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation units
  66. Cancer Risk and WHO
  67. Aged Cheeses
  68. New, invincible bacteria ... True?
  69. allergies and congestion
  70. TB coming back in America?
  71. Dr. Mercola
  72. Dementia
  73. Microbiome, etc.
  74. US meat contains too much toxin? Pew Charitable report
  75. Whole Milk vs 2%
  76. Baked Lays
  77. Candida: causes ~90% cancer cases???
  78. It's Official - I Have Parosmia
  79. How can you have a baby who doesn't carry a gene that a parent might have?
  80. Salt
  81. Do statins really postpone death?
  82. My foot
  83. Gut Bacteria & Autism
  84. Survey finds excess health problems in lesbians, gays, bisexuals
  85. Sunburn
  86. Shingles
  87. Sleeping with open window makes you sick?
  88. $250.00 for Baby Monitor? Great Scott!
  89. Hospital cleaning makes my eyes hurt
  90. Getting fit again
  91. Evidence that a vaccine program can be bad? 1st part
  92. Kava Kava
  93. Phony balloney ridiculous Tom Brady Diet
  94. Charge Syndrome
  95. Alternative Cures for Cancer
  96. Family rec. $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award
  97. Men: Coffee can save your life.
  98. The best problem I've ever had
  99. About 'clean' and 'unclean' animals
  100. The problem and myths of Calcium, diet and suppliments
  101. Snake Oil and Healing Stickers
  102. People are selling fake eclipse glasses on Amazon
  103. Your filthy house is making you fat.
  104. Should I Get a Flu Shot?
  105. New Fad: Raw Water
  106. Turmeric Compound Boosts Cognitive Power, Reveals New Study
  107. Capacitive Bandages
  108. Chemo and Quality of Life
  109. Probiotic Supplement
  110. The Fog
  111. Heel Spur Surgery
  112. natural reTREAT
  113. CPAP Machine Side Effects
  114. The use of wi-fi and cellphones is detrimental to one's health
  115. Vitamin Shilling
  116. Ow! Ow! Ow! (Medicine Stings!)
  117. Fluoride harms unborn
  118. Coronavirus declared public health emergency by WHO
  119. Everyone should stay home
  120. Hospitals considering universal DNR for covid patients.
  121. Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team Report / March 16
  122. Vitamin C and Coronavirus.
  123. On Landon Spradlin
  124. Survey of doctors: hydroxychloroquine is the 'most effective therapy'
  125. Chloroquine Study Designed to Fail?
  126. Does wearing masks really prevent coronavirus outbreaks?
  127. How Long Will a Vaccine Really Take?
  128. CDC Situation Update, New Projections in Internal Report
  129. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
  130. COVID-19 Tests Are Unreliable
  131. A Hopeful cure for Covid-19?
  132. Going Sugarless
  133. Dr. Richard Bartlett Joins me to talk COVID CURES