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  1. Depression?
  2. Bystander Effect
  3. The problem of eyewitness testimony
  4. Dunning–Kruger effect
  5. I See Shadow..thingies
  6. Study Finds People Choosing Pain over Boredom
  7. Meditation
  8. Belief a Conscious Choice?
  9. Kids family drawings suggest what their home life is like
  10. Myers-Briggs and atheism
  11. Self Esteem?
  12. Have I gone mad?
  13. Is Liberalism a mental disorder?
  14. Medication
  15. The dress test
  16. Stages in Spiritual Development
  17. I am sorry
  18. just because
  19. The Secret To Happiness!
  20. How Many People Here Suffer From a Psychiatric or Neurological Disorder?
  21. Why do some people want power and fame?
  22. Validity and Reliability of testing teens and children.
  23. Why is psychologolically torturing people considered family fun?
  24. Video game addiction - can it lead to other disorders?
  25. Because I Said So!
  26. Personality issues and such
  27. Personality disorders
  28. Pregnancy and.....?
  29. Liberal and Conservative personalities -- "Study" results
  30. The Assumption of Hate
  31. The Five Love Languages
  32. Mental Health Stigma
  33. Dementia derail from Mental Health Stigma thread
  34. The psychology of belief systems
  35. Qualitative Research Woes
  36. Autism
  37. 12 Year Old Boy Arrested for Arson
  38. Thin Skin
  39. 7 Truths About Marriage You Will Not Hear In Church
  40. Warped perceptions
  41. Married and not married
  42. Certain things I don't get...
  43. Gender disphoria?
  44. The Psychological Impact of Complementarian/Patriarchal Theology
  45. Can I become a counselor?
  46. Sally Ann test
  47. "Who Enjoys Violent Music and Why?"
  48. How often do you act out of fear?
  49. The Autism Spectrum
  50. Silence and Stress