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  1. Gallup Poll CEO tells truth about U.S. unemployment
  2. Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!
  3. King Abdullah of Jordan looking to personally bomb ISIS
  4. Brian Williams admits he lied about being shot down in a helicopter over Iraq
  5. Re: Foster Care.
  6. Five Ways Liberals Ignore Science
  7. Fake Kidnapping...Really, People?
  8. Obama absolves Islam, rebukes Christianity
  9. Fighting The Good Fight?
  10. Inclusive Language Tyranny?
  11. How Great The Fall!
  12. German court rules synagogue firebombing is "act of protest", not anti-Semitism
  13. CUNY abolishes use of “Mr.,” “Mrs.” and “Ms.”
  14. Snakes And Liars!
  15. Turns out Obama's "evolution" was as much of a lie as the theory is...
  16. Dark-skinned Frenchman savagely beaten for painting Coexist mural
  17. Dark Skinned Racial Holy War
  18. My Kind Of Gals!!!!!
  19. Atheist Progressive Kills Three Muslims...
  20. Saudi historian: Western women drive because 'they don't care about getting raped'
  21. CS Lewis on American Politics
  22. Competitive Procreation
  23. Privilege
  24. XTreme sex ed: America's educators ensure memorable first time for one lucky student
  25. I Consider Myself First
  26. Birth control is generally ineffective
  27. The Political Elite
  28. For PM "Who is a Christian"
  29. Youth Suicide And Religion
  30. State Dep't says ISIS fighters need jobs, not killing
  31. America's educators arranging more than just the physical molestation of kids now
  32. More Liberal Fascism...
  33. Texas has first Lesbian Marriage despite ban
  34. Tales of Good Discussions
  35. O'Reilly does a Brian Williams x10
  36. Why are teen girls trying to join ISIS?
  37. Who are the "high ratings" liberal commentators?
  38. Dating Regulation
  39. Russia Strikes Back
  40. Iran's Guard attacks mock US carrier in drills
  41. Bacon!!!
  42. Science confirms feminism pushed by manly women
  43. IRS Cover Up?
  44. Tourists who pose nude at Cambodia's ancient temples expose themselves to anger, depo
  45. Kasparov on Budapest Memorandum
  46. Sweden fights ISIS with employment program as per Obama's plan
  47. The girl in Massachusetts
  48. Top Mexican drug lord arrested
  49. More legal insanity: 55 years for "felony murder" without actually killing anyone
  50. How schools teach fact vs. opinion, and how this is a problem
  51. Obama's 4 Pinocchios on XL Pipeline....
  52. What scares the new atheists
  53. Alabama: Judge Roy Moore's Gay Divorce
  54. Clinton And Illegal?
  55. Religious Kids More Moral?
  56. Left Throwing Hillary Under The Bus?
  57. Hands Up Don't Shoot!
  58. IRS scam
  59. Who Didn't See This Coming?
  60. Political Rhetoric
  61. Karl Marx for Prez!
  62. ISIS just 'bulldozed' the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud
  63. Catholic publications call for end to capital punishment
  64. Former UK Equality chief: anti-racism 'utterly wrong'
  65. Another criminal attacks a cop and gets killed - another protest
  66. Just like us: at least half of gay marriages open
  67. Maybe the Problem with the MSM is.....
  68. Arrest Rates: Ferguson vs Santa Monica
  69. Planet Fitness revokes woman's membership after transgender complaint
  70. And This From A Catholic University!
  71. The Witch Hunt Is On!
  72. Greece's new bargaining chip: Jihadists
  73. ATF backs down over common AR-15 ammo ban
  74. You Sexist You!
  75. Can't We Just Shoot Them?
  76. Two police officers ambushed in Ferguson
  77. Facebook removes "feeling fat" emoticon
  78. Live-Action 'Dumbo': PETA Asks Tim Burton to Change Ending
  79. Impending Minimum Wage hike causing restaurants to close
  80. Why Education doesn't necessarily make the political leader
  81. Ferguson police are brutal, racist, and corrupt extortionists
  82. Students barred from anti-racism meeting for being insufficiently racialized
  83. Patriotism is evil?
  84. Jazz Jennings
  85. Netanyahu Likud party storms to victory
  86. California Supreme Court Fixes Injustice - 125 Years Late
  87. Obama's Antagonism toward Netanyahu - HAS to be true - it's in the NYT!
  88. Scary Details of New Orleans Airport Attack
  89. Plastic stuff in oceans versus "climate change"
  90. Ravi Zacharias on Josef Stalin
  91. UVA 'Jackie' Story: Police Say They Can't Confirm Gang Rape Described in R.S.
  92. Communal Ownership
  93. Hillary(ous) talks about her emails
  94. Weird legal case: Barack Obama on Twitter
  95. Scientists to Smithsonian: Cut ties with Koch brothers
  96. Bowe Bergdahl charged with desertion
  97. USA: plutocratic? Corporate capitalisic? $4.4 trillion from just $5.8 billion
  98. Global Warming will turn women into prostitutes!
  99. "That's sexist!": Words & terms you may not use when describing Hilary Clinton
  100. Indiana's governor signs bill allowing businesses to reject gay customers
  101. Palestinian rockets killed more Gazans in 2014 war: Amnesty
  102. Ted Cruz signs on to ObamaCare!
  103. A picture is worth 8 years.
  104. No more Dirty Harry
  105. Watch them turn on each other
  106. Why the sports world will crush opponents of LGBT rights
  107. Huffington Post blames Planned Parenthood closings for HIV epidemic
  108. Hang Em High!
  109. Crap - The Obamamessiah is coming to town today
  110. "Slippery slope" isn't a fallacy when the ruling class respects no moral tradition
  111. Ann Of Arc!
  112. Destruction Of Special Forces?
  113. Racist Babies!!!
  114. The world's fastest-growing religion is...
  115. Double Standard?
  116. Rolling Stone Retracts Article on Rape at University of Virginia
  117. Old Testament Conversation
  118. Close the labor force participation gap!
  119. Tribe Going After The EPA
  120. Viability and Abortion
  121. Death Or Life?
  122. More From The Bigoted Left!
  123. Judge recalls
  124. IRS notice letter.
  125. Gay guy finds out you can't legislate away reality, hilarity ensues
  126. Republican Realist? Who will beat Clinton?
  127. More police brutality
  128. How All Traffic Stops Should Go
  129. I can see why taoist loves the New York Times
  130. Not Happy In Gay Land?
  131. Too Much Force?
  132. Liberals are the REAL racists, a Final Solution to a persistent problem
  133. Get Rid Of The Christians....
  134. Daily Mail shows why photo suppression is story suppression
  135. More From The Religion Of Peace!
  136. My God! He Wants To Teach Morals!
  137. Look how tolerant they are!
  138. Liberals are evil
  139. Does the office holder really influence foreign policy?
  140. Conservatives can be nuts too.
  141. Please Comment on Rick Scott's Lawsuit Over Hospital Funds and Medicaid Expansion
  142. Uber
  143. Thousands of Iraqis flee as Islamic State makes gains in Sunni heartland
  144. Obamacare very successful, but still a long way to go
  145. Dealing with Gun Control Advocates
  146. N.J. man goes out of business over 'White History Month'
  147. South Bend school field trip causes controversy among some parents
  148. Neutrals are morons
  149. City ordinances against absentee property owners
  150. Israel refuses to recognise Armenian genocide
  151. They Will Ruin Our Military!
  152. Clinton Cash?
  153. Liberal Jacobins nominate themselves as guillotine candidates-Wisconsin edition
  154. Why you should love fossil fuels
  155. The Law of Unintended Consequences
  156. Blue Bell a Class Act
  157. DREAMer gangsta murders four people
  158. Texas Pastor Protection Bill
  159. VA takes the lead in adding to NICS gun ban list
  160. Europe ready to put a stop to mass African immigration
  161. More Warming News!
  162. Big Brother is Watching
  163. Fr. Zuehldorf's solution to the bakers problem.
  164. ANZAC Day 2015 "We Will Remember Them" 100 Years
  165. Pastor Protection Bill derail
  166. First Woman to win Olympic Gold in Men's Swimming
  167. Assisted Suicide.
  168. Baltimore Burning and Officers Injured
  169. Bishop of Manchester: Britain has a moral duty to accept refugees from its wars
  170. Trial Begins in Aurora
  171. The Ultimate Goal
  172. The product most googled for in every country
  173. The Gaypublican Party: do they stand for anything worthwhile anymore?
  174. The Blue Wall of Silence
  175. Trade Agreements: TTPA, TTIP
  176. Pacifist or (insert opposite of that here)?
  177. Shooting at Muhammad Art Exhibit in Texas
  178. New Black Panthers: We need to bomb nursuries and kill white babies
  179. Where is the protest?
  180. Suit seeks $10 million in Henrico County, VA inmate drug death
  181. You Evil Parents!
  182. Vanderbilt University sociologist says white privilege still exist and riots prove it
  183. Israeli government razing Bedouin village (that they initially forced them onto)
  184. Right or Wrong?
  185. Are Blueprints for 3-D Printed Guns Free Speech?
  186. Palestinian Christians
  187. Rape Culture: Why Yes can mean No
  188. Is there such a thing as a fair advantage?
  189. Avengers Director Joss Whedon is Feminism’s Battered Wife
  190. Losing Our Religion?
  191. UVA dean sues Rolling Stone Magazine
  192. I'm Not Your Father
  193. Op Ed Piece By The Florist
  194. Stop your whinging why the Left are such bad losers
  195. The Silencing...
  196. Boys dressing as Girls can join Girl Scouts
  197. GWB created ISIS?
  198. Boston. Bomber Sentenced to Death
  199. Split From: Some People You Respect...
  200. Cameron is Watching You
  201. Why didn't they just taser him?
  202. Aren't We Called to a Higher Standard Than This?
  203. Bakery Case
  204. Do Members of Congress Need a Raise?
  205. Yes, Minister, or JP Holding is utterly lost on how government works today.
  206. U.N. Report: Women May Need ‘Different Treatment’ to Achieve Economic Equality
  207. Positive DNA Sample from Pizza?
  208. Your Senator Cerealman
  209. Christian anti-SSM jeweler threatened after making rings for lesbian couple
  210. Ireland votes on same-sex marriage
  211. Ireland recovering from Theocracy.
  212. TV reporter catches lobbyists writing bills in hotel rooms...
  213. Journalist who's lived in both Israel and South Africa blows apart "apartheid" claims
  214. Pentagon report predicted rise of ISIS
  215. When Cops Stand Down!
  216. My Inner Liberal..
  217. Vaccinations imposed by law
  218. President Obama's Executive Amnesty -- Not so Fast
  219. Wow!
  220. Southwest Airlines: Good Job!
  221. Bodily Rights Arguments
  222. Pataki the Next Reagan?
  223. These People Are Shameless!
  224. Understanding "privilege"
  225. Joe Biden and compassion
  226. Conservatives on Civil Rights
  227. Should Liberals Embrace School Choice? Vouchers?
  228. Transabled?
  229. The Progressive Ouroboros
  230. Children are just commodities in the liberal culture.
  231. Let's try nuanced thinking.
  232. Liberal Policies On Parade !
  233. Future binding non-compete agreements for low wage workers
  234. Cut taxes and cut unemployment benefits! Actual outcomes
  235. Starlight's "No NAMBLA Connection" Thread
  236. Changes in American moral views since 2001
  237. A big "Whoops" moment if I've ever seen one.
  238. Left-Right Differences
  239. Liberal Educators Are Mad...
  240. Hackers have SSN of every federal employee
  241. Transracial?
  242. Shades of Sweeney Todd !
  243. Dallas Police HQ Shot Up; Suspect Killed
  244. Don't mess with Texas!
  245. NHS Chief: girls should be advised not to wait to have children
  246. When cops become some of the biggest thieves
  247. Another Christian Being Offered On The PC Alter?
  248. Why US married 'conservatives' divorce at a higher rate than do married liberals
  249. How To Escape The Age Of Mass Delusion
  250. Fairness?