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  1. The Obamapocalypse
  2. Georgia ACLU leader resigning over Transgender bathroom order
  3. Republican military officers supporting Hillary Clinton
  4. Doug Elmets supports Hillary Clinton
  5. This just in from the Libertarian Convention
  6. More Love From The Peace Loving Left!
  7. How bad is the police abuse?
  8. Trump's attacks American judge as Mexican
  9. California Moves Toward Extending Obamacare to Illegal Immigrants
  10. Does Hillary have something to hide?
  11. Trump's 3,500+ lawsuits
  12. Socialism at its finest
  13. State Department Delaying Release of Hillary Clinton's Emails on TPP
  14. More Trans Madness!
  15. Political News (Libertarian) and checking in
  16. Why Do Liberals Keep Trying To Control Speech?
  17. Hey Seer, check this out!
  18. Generation Snowflake
  19. Gun Rights: How The Left Will Push Us Into Civil War:
  20. The Demoncrats Finally Build A Wall!
  21. Unbiased study essentially shows liberals are social undesirables
  22. Countries where athism is punshable by death.
  23. 20 Dead In Florida Night Club Shooting...
  24. The word "Homophobia"
  25. Starlight's view on infanticide - derail
  26. Gun Control vs. Trust in Police
  27. Nation’s Radicalized Christians Praying For Orlando
  28. Imagine If A Christian Mayor In The US Did This...
  29. Obama's no-fly, no-buy policy
  30. Treatment and Radicalization of Muslims: A Link?
  31. Stanford Rape Case Judge Removed from New Sex Crime Case
  32. I Met Dred Scott's GreatGreatGranddaughter Yesterday
  33. What kind of animal is this
  34. Mitt Romney and other Republican leaders condemn Trump
  35. And You Wonder Why We Like Trump:
  36. British MP killed in attack
  37. Why do conservatives want to blame Islam?
  38. Netanyahu responds to the Orlando slayings
  39. Gun sales surge among gays and lesbians
  40. Tax cuts hurt the economy, tax increases help them
  41. Free State of Jones, is it history?
  42. Liberal reporter tried to buy gun, was denied because of background check
  43. Gun Control and Ghost Guns
  44. Brexit Referendum
  45. Confirmed: Fossil fuel company funded climate change denial
  46. Jerry Falwell fails background check
  47. BREXIT is happening - what's it mean?
  48. Time For Another Immigration Pause?
  49. High School Politics
  50. The unfortunate, but predicable West Virginia flood
  51. Chaka Fattah and his forgiving friends
  52. Judge Richard Posner sees “absolutely no value” in studying the U.S. Constitution
  53. Istanbul airport explosions: 28 dead, 60 injured, Turkish official says
  54. Is Trump a Trojan Horse? Discuss
  55. Mom Shoots Daughters
  56. What is the actual history of Trump support of Veterans?
  57. Trump advocating 'Torture' justifying Crimes against humanity. sound familiar
  58. Workplace Violence at Joint Base Andrews
  59. So Now We Get To Pay For Their Sex Change Operations?
  60. The left's different approach to rights it opposes
  61. Gunmen Seize Hostages at Bangladesh Restaurant and Detonate Explosives
  62. So Now We Are Born Racist?
  63. A "Gay Lobby" in the Vatican?
  64. Obama admin: Dropoff in Obamacare enrollment since January
  65. Trump's anti-semitism
  66. #BlackLivesMatter... Black Queer Youth .... Getting Weirder and Weirder
  67. Global Cooling is On the Way!
  68. Today's youths are the worst--but not in the way you might think.
  69. FBI Says Hillary Too Incompetent To Be POTUS
  70. Amidst the election mess, did anybody notice this nice story?
  71. Bush and Cheney the primary cause for the existence and success of ISIL
  72. Attorneys Intend to Ask for 'the Clinton Deal'
  73. Rasmussen: Most Disagree with Decision Not to Indict Clinton
  74. Report Uncovers Stonewalling of Illegal Obamacare Payments
  75. Children raised by the mentally ill more likely to exhibit mental illness
  76. Two Dallas Police Officers Shot During Protest Over Police Shootings
  77. Alton Sterling, a black person, shot by the police. Wrongfully?
  78. Stats On Police Shootings?
  79. Christian dating site forced to allow same sex dating
  80. Dallas police used C4 to kill suspect
  81. Murdering Police Should be a Federal Capital Offense
  82. Why do we have hate crime laws?
  83. Gun Sales Surge After Dallas Attack
  84. The Cop-Hater in Chief
  85. GOOD THING We Did That Deal With Iran!
  86. We're Hiring! Get Off That Protest Line and Put in an Application!
  87. Havard study debunks black shooting narrative
  88. Body Integrity Identity Disorder: For Thinker
  89. Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record
  90. More unnecessary laws = more violent police encounters?
  91. How quickly police shootings can escalate when dealing with black people.
  92. Major Terrorist Attack in Nice France
  93. Trump announces his running mate.
  94. Apparent coup in Turkey
  95. It's that time
  96. Hillary's America: a move about the history of the Democratic Party
  97. Four Officers Shot, Two dead So Far
  98. They Are Going After The Churches:
  99. The fruits of the Republican spirit
  100. Another Freddie Gray Verdict...
  101. So Saying That "All Lives Matter" Is Derogatory?
  102. Site for First Presidential Debate of 2016 Cancels
  103. Burning the American Flag
  104. Micro-Aggression: Hillary Buttons?
  105. Who's guilty of plagiarism?
  106. Two NYPD officers race suspected bomb out of Times Square
  107. Clinton invites families of blacks killed by police to speak at Democratic convention
  108. Olympic Mall in Munich, Germany
  109. Clinton Picks Tim Kaine
  110. Wikileaks releases DNC emails
  111. Something we can all agree on? David Duke running for Senate
  112. We need more gun control... just ask Germany
  113. DNC chair dropped from convention after email leaks
  114. Hillary has seizure?
  115. Would it be legitimate to go after the faith of a Scientologist candidate?
  116. Syrian migrant tried to blow up music festival
  117. Are Trump Supporters Dumber?
  118. Nate Silver: Trump odds rise from 10.8% to 57.5%
  119. 19 killed in Tokyo knife attack
  120. Obama's half-brother supports Trump
  121. Jaecp derail of knife murder thread
  122. ISIS knifemen behead priest in French church
  123. Clinton Cash
  124. Islam, Violence, Liberalism, and the West
  125. Bernie, Pocahontas sell out; Occupy v2.0 back to occupying
  126. Judge Drops Charge Against Antiabortion Activists in Planned Parenthood Case
  127. Trump commits treason
  128. According to Gingrich feelings trump facts.
  129. US Navy to Name Ship after Harvey Milk
  130. Is there war?
  131. 2016 Presidential Debates
  132. N.c. Voter id law struck down as unconstitutional
  133. North Korea declares war on US?
  134. Donald Trump's dodgy military record!
  135. The Clinton Russian Connection
  136. Hillary: Cancer
  137. DePaul University snowflakes ban ANOTHER conservative speech...
  138. Why Can't Hillary Clinton Stop Lying?
  139. Do Red States Take More Aid From the Government than Blue States?
  140. Black Lives Matter Coalition Makes Demands
  141. University of Houston suspends student leader for saying "All lives matter"
  142. Who are the neoliberals?
  143. Tim Kaine FOR Gun Control - Now, anyway.
  144. What is Trump hiding, what is he afraid of?
  145. Deciphering Trump speech.
  146. Aetna latest insurer to question Obamacare's future
  147. Did Obama Secretly Pay Off Iran?
  148. Trump refuses to endorse republicans
  149. She Dared Speak The Truth
  150. Legal marijuana brings more ingestion by children
  151. . . . under the penalty of perjury . . .
  152. Leaked report: 1200+ women assaulted in Germany on New Year's Eve
  153. Another Bathroom Battle - SCOTUS
  154. So Now The Gadsden Flag Is Racist?
  155. Will Trump drop out, and who will replace him?
  156. Impact of Third Party Candidates on 2016 Election
  157. Victor Thorn, American Free Press author, dead
  158. Rios Poor
  159. Waiter arrested for serving salmon to man allergic to seafood
  160. Courts okay arresting a 13 year old for belching during gym class
  161. Sustainable safe havens for refugees
  162. I feel like this is important
  163. White Men Must be Stopped.
  164. Parents of 2 Americans Killed in Benghazi file Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton
  165. Serendipitous juxtaposition
  166. BLM Protesters now Protesting for not getting paid to Protest
  167. Trump implies that assassination of Clinton might be the only way to stop her
  168. Guess who had a prime seat at a rally for Hillary Clinton?
  169. Another Clinton Connected Death?
  170. What Did Sell Out Bernie Get?
  171. Justice report of racial bias in Baltimore
  172. Trump supporter in NJ attacked with crowbar on street, police say
  173. State Dept. In Bed With The Clinton Crime Family Foundation
  174. Today in Trump's imagination: Obama founded ISIS
  175. Devoted Trump supporter in for psychiatric evaluation
  176. Pedophilia - The Next Taboo To Fall?
  177. WOW... MSNBC Beats CNN?????
  178. Obama Founded ISIS!
  179. More than ever - SCHOOL CHOICE
  180. Best election race ever!!
  181. German intelligence: 'hit squads' among refugees
  182. Civil Election Discussion
  183. Black Neighborhoods: Then And Now.
  184. Black cop shoots black criminal; black rioters target whites
  185. Trump's Immigration Policy...
  186. "Git a Rope" is Racist?
  187. Comedy Relief
  188. After Milwaukee riots, Trump flies in
  189. Lesbian Farmers?
  190. Stop Calling Boys And Girls ‘Boys And Girls’
  191. Trump appoints a new campaign manager Stephen K. Bannon
  192. Obama on Louisiana Flood - Bless his Heart!
  193. Spike in Black support for Trump
  194. An end to private prisons
  195. Money and the Judicial System
  196. White Lives Matter Protesters...
  197. Adultery Is Perfectly Natural And Genetic
  198. Polls make me laugh
  199. Doctors concerned about Hillary's health
  200. Many donors to Clinton Foundation met with her at State
  201. US Army Post lists Hillary Clinton as an Insider Threat in training slide
  202. Questions about how you vote
  203. Scandals at Fox News
  204. So, Chelsea Clinton is Diane Reynolds???
  205. Powell talks Clinton emails - Pushes Back
  206. Religious Diversity May Be Making America Less Religious
  207. Attack underway at American University in Afghan capital
  208. The Libertarian ticket...isn't very Libertarian?
  209. Hey SNOWFLAKES!!! No Trigger Warnings, No Intellectual Safe Spaces!
  210. Stop White People at Binghamton University?
  211. "Black Lives Matter" Comes of Age
  212. The Iran Deal, and Those Silly, Silly Iranian Navy Guys!
  213. Almost Everything the Media Says About Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Is Wrong
  214. Disgusting Hillary campaign video
  215. What is the Alt-Right?
  216. Putin greets great Friend of Russia
  217. BLM's List of Demands
  218. Police and Transgender Persons
  219. The real reason behind the western attack of Libya
  220. Hillary and Conspiracy
  221. Kaepernick Refuses to Stand For National Anthem
  222. Should our culture add a new gender?
  223. Team Clinton Scandals
  224. Homeland Security to Take Over Elections?
  225. Reuters polling: Dead Heat
  226. Former Obama doctor on Hillary's health
  227. Brazilian President Ousted
  228. What's With the LA Times Polling?
  229. Why aren't there any anti-Hillary Dems?
  230. Trump's Big Adventure to Mexico
  231. Apple and Ireland vs the EU: Apple received €13bn in illegal tax benefits
  232. Trump's Immigration Speech
  233. Rutgers: to avoid microaggressions, only speak when 'necessary'
  234. Latinos for Trump founder says beware of taco trucks
  235. Let's Talk About Them "Jobs" Numbers
  236. Hillary says she had severe memory loss as result of 2012 concussion
  237. Politico: How Clinton hides from press retinue
  238. Never forget
  239. Commander-in-Chief Forum
  240. NEWS FLASH!!! Hillary Holds News Conference!
  241. Hill Say Bill Can Stay With Clinton Foundation
  242. Slavery
  243. Hillary holds first rally in weeks
  244. Iranian Navy Provoking War
  245. Under Obama - Segregation Comes BACK?
  246. Was Benghazi hearing rigged in Hillary's favor beforehand?
  247. UK is building a wall
  248. The Obamacare Penalty - Time to Go?
  249. Clinton speech on immigration
  250. After dismal performance in forum, Hillary gives press conference