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  1. Sv-40
  2. No justice for Kelly Thomas
  3. The Lazarus Thread Part II: "You Sick Freaks"
  4. Is the US government good for our health?
  5. Agenda 21
  6. Discuss the JFK murder
  7. Wendy Davis is a horrible human being
  8. Malaysian couple arrested for smacking children in Sweden
  9. French pub fined for "undeclared labour" because customers returned glasses to bar
  10. Concealed Carry Laws
  11. Rogue's Comment: Assailant discouraged from instigation based on open carry
  12. 2014 State of the Union Message
  13. Marlise Muñoz, death and pregnancy, a legal conflict in Texas
  14. Pope: Let there be peace. God: Nah
  15. What's feminism about, again?
  16. Phank on "truly terrible political policy"
  17. The most TRANSPARENT Administration in History....
  18. Do YOU want Obama's "year of Action"?
  19. Chick-fil-A gives free food to drivers stranded in snow
  20. How the Affordable Care Act is helping this small business and its employees.
  21. No such thing as a USFG conspiracy--Lil P.
  22. Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?
  23. Flashing lights to warn of speed traps
  24. Immigration Op Ed
  25. CBO on Obamacare
  26. Questions for Obama supporters
  27. UN says Vatican should change Canon Law.
  28. CVS to stop cigarette sales
  29. One Party Rule
  30. Sochi - should they just cancel it?
  31. Would Obama be Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Today?
  32. CSPOA and the upholding of the constitution
  33. Texting and Driving is a RIGHT!
  34. In response to another thread: "Gay Marriage"
  35. Employee sues employer over gender harrassment at workplace
  36. Should Convicted Felons get Voting Rights Back?
  37. Belgium due to legalize euthanasia for all kids
  38. Surgical Strikes vs. Obamacare
  39. New gun ruling in the 9th District
  40. On discussing political issues on the Internet
  41. More money = more votes?
  42. On sources, especially British newspapers
  43. Are US Labor Unions Dying?
  44. Mass murderer Breivik threatens to go on hunger strike ... for better video games
  45. Definitions of Marriage
  46. Why not create a word for matrimony blessed by GOD (Christian Marriage)
  47. Deceptive Soliciation
  48. Mom gets so upset by risque shirts that she buys store's entire stock of them
  49. It's that time
  50. No need to keep secrets. Just keep the public bamboozled.
  51. Tom Delay says "God wrote the Constitution."
  52. The nature and history of Executive Orders
  53. Misrep at A Voice for Men
  54. Recent Civics Discussions
  55. Arizona passes bill protecting religious freedom of business owners
  56. Nun given jail sentence for breaking into nuclear weapons facility
  57. Immigration problems?
  58. Are your religious liberties being threatened?
  59. Where I stand on the issue of marriage equality
  60. Liberal push for the destruction of academic freedom is intensifying
  61. Climate Change US Secretary of State John Kerry Message in Indonesia
  62. Villifying the MRMs
  63. Military downsizing?
  64. Proposed California Split
  65. Cyprus haircuts, American style? What laws are applicable?
  66. One less brick in the wall
  67. Shot heard around the world be fired first in Conneticut?
  68. Partial victory in Kentucky
  69. State exchanges also got federal funding (the US Federal Gov't has a lot of money)
  70. School ‘Correct’ to Ban U.S. Flag T-Shirts for Campus Safety
  71. Sure we support our veterans....
  72. Somebody's raising their kid right!
  73. Forget Guns. Outlaw Knives.
  74. Is the US no longer the "the universal police"?
  75. I have decided to change my business model
  76. Operation Internet Troll
  77. Obamacare scare stories?
  78. Paul Ryan's "War On Poverty" report: misunderstanding or misrepresentation?
  79. A blast from the past
  80. Another Healthcare Rewrite -- PERIOD!
  81. Does MORE FUNDING = Better Schools?
  82. Barack Hussein Obama foreign policy disaster megathread
  83. Making Laws that Make Sense
  84. Pope Francis: Church may support civil unions
  85. Another court decision...
  86. These kids!
  87. Juan Williams on black conservatives
  88. Nigerians doing the jobs Americans won't do
  89. Unicorn Prince: marginalized groups just want some rspect!
  90. Anybody Want a State Representative? You Can Have Ours....
  91. As US states allow pot sales, Dutch reverse course
  92. SAT changes
  93. Hillary Clinton supporters need to be ready!
  94. Did CP raise a good point?
  95. A thought on Crimea (Butler Shaffer's anyway)
  96. Do doctors have the right to refuse to see fat patients?
  97. Malaysia Airlines Flight #370
  98. Positive Christianity (not so positive)
  99. New Jersey bans Tesla direct sales.
  100. Another day, another fake gay bashing incident
  101. Government Crackdown on Milk?
  102. What should congress do about Obama's refusal to enforce his own law?
  103. The Flowers and the Wedding -- Just the FACTS, please
  104. Fred Phelps is in hospice.
  105. "The future isn't going to be terribly idealistic."
  106. BREAKING NEWS!! Obama picks his brackets!
  107. Civil Rights hero Fred Phelps dies
  108. Cuban missile crisis +> all-out nuclear war?
  109. Honolulu police officers fight for exemption to let them sleep with prostitutes
  110. Liberals burning unborn children for heating now
  111. Southwest Airlines Plane Lands At Wrong Airport
  112. World Vision apostasy, or: never, ever, give your money to Christian organizations...
  113. Defending the Undefendable
  114. Should GM renounce some of its bailout immunity?
  115. More Liberal Hypocrisy?
  116. 2 guards charge gay discrimination
  117. Progressive hucksters SPLC and ADL dropped by FBI
  118. The Coming Paradigm Shift on Climate
  119. Why liberal elites promote gay marriage
  120. Gaystapo out on the prowl again
  121. Oppressed minorities arrested for attempting to exercise equal rights
  122. Du Pont heir avoids jail for raping his 3 year old daughter.
  123. ANOTHER shooting at Fort Hood
  124. Nine Month Old Child Booked for Attempted Murder
  125. Unicorn Prince's high deportation rates are a complete and utter lie
  126. The Netherlands view on Immigration
  127. Ukraine Revolution Round Two?
  128. In the interest of equal time and a spirit of inclusiveness...
  129. Climate And Cholesterol
  130. It's not guns that are the problem.....
  131. Contempt of Congress
  132. Big Brother Holder wants gun owners to wear bracelets
  133. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announces her retirement
  134. Ms.Clinton Dodges a Shoe
  135. Bundy vs federal government
  136. Woman Arrested for Seven Dead Babies
  137. Voter Suppression?
  138. You Would Think That She Killed Somebody!
  139. Democrats Vs. Liberals
  140. Michael Bloomberg has earned his way into heaven
  141. Minorities ruining college debate tournaments
  142. Sterilizations in California state prisons
  143. Michelle Obama asked not to attend High School commencement
  144. Obama just might be RIGHT about something!
  145. A PROSECUTOR's bad day at black rock
  146. The Beginning Of The End For Affirmative Action?
  147. Are your kids confrontational? They might be terrorists
  148. Mike Licona lecture questioned at college
  149. Sweden bans criticism of immigration/politicians?
  150. Edward Snowden installed as rector
  151. Cliven Bundy puts gun in mouth, pulls trigger
  152. The Selfie President
  153. A stinkburger?
  154. President Obama's Foreign Policy
  155. What facts there are in politics on which to make informed decisions?
  156. Why Harry Reid, lawless traitor, is sputtering over Cliven Bundy, good citizen.
  157. Breivik reveals himself as a Nazi
  158. More Liberal Tolerance!
  159. How would pro-gun people here defend this?
  160. Kerry: Israel risks evolving into an apartheid state
  161. Gay Republican Attacked...
  162. Hillary's Foreign Policy Successes....
  163. Nuke Britain Today, etc.
  164. My TAX APPRAISAL just changed FIFTEEN PERCENT!!!!
  165. Racism: A Completely Natural Trait?
  166. More vote buying from the left...
  167. Hypocrisy? Regarding Phil Robertson and Don Sterling
  168. Cost of excessive regulations is what!?
  169. Bermuda's gain, France's loss, income inequality.
  170. kritarchy and the abortion debate
  171. Anything new on Benghazi? Does it matter?
  172. A Guy Beat, Raped, Shot, and Buried Alive a 19 Year Old Girl. Guess Who's The Victim?
  173. Child custody rights for rapists: Most states still allow for it
  174. Supreme Court: Prayer at council meetings constitutional
  175. Secular Invocations?
  176. Russia seeking to stamp out profanity
  177. Argument against "Kill the fetus": Libertarian Walter Block
  178. Apparently the world dissappoints Hussein the Obarackbarian
  179. Leftism is Permanent Ingratitude
  180. Death Penalty?
  181. Another One Bites The Dust!
  182. Father arrested for protesting school board about sexually explicit book
  183. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau says only Pro-Choice welcome in the Party
  184. Is The Pope A Commie?
  185. North Korean state media uses racist insults directed at Obama
  186. Eurovision, Russia and “Perverts”
  187. Pope Francis vs the devil
  188. Barry Laughs At Everyone But Himself
  189. Are Re-Education Camps That Far Fetched?
  190. SNAP Attacks
  191. Are These People Freaking Nuts?
  192. Last post on Civics
  193. Transgender forces Kentucky to conform to their values
  194. Something is rotten in Denmark
  195. A Coming Civil War?
  196. New Indian Prime Minister
  197. this guy for prez
  198. Gowdy asks the Media some tough questions
  199. Yes, The Dems Are For The Little Guy!
  200. I'm Sorry, They Really Are Insane...
  201. Woman Escapes Kidnapper?
  202. Lock Up Climate Deniers?
  203. Anti-gay bills
  204. Sex starved incel liberal goes on shooting spree
  205. The stupid is strong with this one
  206. This Memorial Day, celebrate the return of nationalism to Europe, and soon, America.
  207. Mann vs. Steyn, the Trial of the Century
  208. SHOCKING News from Iran!
  209. Will Hillary Run? And WIN?
  210. This memorial day: just shut up and support the troops!
  211. This story... SMH
  212. Why Must They Try And Control Everything?
  213. White House accidentally outs CIA station chief in Afghanistan
  214. Operation Choke Point
  215. Lol!
  216. The Myth of the Climate Change '97%'
  217. The US Catholic Bishops rejection of VAWA because of gay inclusion
  218. CEDA- AKA- The Destruction of Academia
  219. Global Warming:Where's The Beef?
  220. What’s wrong with India?
  221. Epic Democrat Hypocrisy
  222. The Purpose of Debate
  223. Obama's Foreign Policy Sell-out
  224. Released Marine's father's deleted tweets paint a damning picture
  225. My politics have changed
  226. The Climate Enforcers
  227. More Liberal Fascism?
  228. Afghanistan great tourist resort if you want to lose weight
  229. WWII Vet Declines Private Meeting with Obama on D-Day Anniversary
  230. University College London bans Nietzsche Club
  231. Seattle Pacific Shooter Had Warning Signs....
  232. We Are Being Overwhelmed...
  233. Epoetker's Misogynic derail of Suspect in Seattle pacific.... thread.
  234. The police-industrial complex?
  235. Some Emily Litella Moments for the Climatistas
  236. So, apparently Eric Cantor got obliterated in primary
  237. Recent casualties in the ongoing immigrant invasion
  238. My stance on abortion
  239. Gates Foundation: No more abortions...
  240. Trinity Western Law denied accreditation for discrimination
  241. Fired for ‘Diverging’ on Climate
  242. Judith Curry's Critique of Steven Hayward's Articles
  243. Dr. Richard Lindzen’s talk at EIKE
  244. Mark Morano Debates TV Anchor re Global Warming
  245. American Theocracy and Decline
  246. Class Act!
  247. Don't Dare Mention Your Faith!
  248. Nature Abhors a Positive Feedback
  249. What Is A Xyr?
  250. Roy Spencer, Ph. D.