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  1. Bitcoin versus other monies.
  2. My Tax Dollars at Work!
  3. Economics of Obamacare
  4. Should there be a Stigma with "Welfare"?
  5. Time to renegotiate my Home Internet again
  6. One world currency
  7. Should property owners be charged for the well water they use?
  8. I will save a THOUSAND DOLLARS on electricity next year
  9. And the global currency war intensifies
  10. The dangerous rise in huge monopolies and exclusive controled markets
  11. Tracfone's Interesting Advertising Theory
  12. China Won't Surpass the U.S.?
  13. Jobs for Life
  14. Countries are learning it doesn't make economic sense to host the Olympics
  15. I Paid Less than $2.50 a gallon for gasoline!
  16. The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare
  17. Strange coincidence
  18. Are we really in a recovery?
  19. Digital Currency for Dummies
  20. Installment Payments!
  21. Buying a house
  22. Using PayPal
  23. Are You A Contractor?
  24. [Technology] Massive upgrade to the US payments system well underway
  25. West begins to abandon USD
  26. Pay Day Loans
  27. Gimme that extra credit
  28. The falling oil price consiracy theory
  29. Socially Responsible Investing
  30. Greek debt
  31. Rebates
  32. The Global Middle Class (and Income in General)
  33. The global economy
  34. What is communism?
  35. Future Economic predictions?!?!?
  36. Externalities
  37. Behavioral Economics
  38. The banker conspiracy theory once again becomes fact
  39. Borrow Money From a LIAR?
  40. I Paid Less Than $5.00 For a Gallon of Milk Today
  41. Bank Increases Overdraft Protection 4.9 mil, She Blows It
  42. Being Nice Can Save You Money!
  43. Deutsche Bank = Lehman Bros x 10
  44. Trump's economic dilemma
  45. Conscionable Banking
  46. The Social Capitalist
  47. 3D Printing: Real Estate
  48. Globalization
  49. Sign up to Buy -- then WAIT!
  50. Bit Coin Troubles