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  1. Was Jesus' second temptation a public spectacle?
  2. Is Creation Ex Nihilo Biblical?
  3. Discussion on Persecution Ministries
  4. Let's talk about James 4:13-16.
  5. Silence, Women..
  6. Be not drunk with wine...
  7. Christian Origins and the Question of God
  8. Syrach 17:7
  9. Discernment and the Conscience
  10. Repentance
  11. What Age Did You Become a Christian
  12. Pacifism and the early church
  13. What Sermon Topics are Typical in Your Church?
  14. Asking for prayer
  15. Mission and Evangelism
  16. Jive Talkin'
  17. Indulgence and Self-Made Religion
  18. Can or Should God's Existence be Proven?
  19. Deep Thoughts
  20. "Damascus Road Experience" Testimoniies
  21. Apologetics
  22. Bart & Bird
  23. What is heaven?
  24. Mosaic Law vs New testament on Death penalty(Split from Pope on death penalty thread)
  25. Christian satire site
  26. The Power of God
  27. Communicating the Gospel
  28. Gift of Salvation
  29. He is Risen
  30. Interpretation of Romans 13 (governing authorities)
  31. How do you understand "depravity"?
  32. Forgiveness and Repentance
  33. Does anyone else feel like an alien when it comes to other people?
  34. The unpardonable sin
  35. The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
  36. NT use of OT
  37. Satan cannot be saved because...
  38. Salvation Army
  39. Lead singer of Everyday Sunday says he is a homosexual
  40. It's all about UNITY
  41. Enns on Adam
  42. Being All Things to All People?
  43. Pope says Christians should apologize for marginalization of gays
  44. Forming a New Deacon Ministry
  45. Can a Comatose Person 'Receive Christ'
  46. Question for Leonhard
  47. If Babies Go To Heaven, Why Not Abort Them All
  48. Does God test us? Or are our choices a test of our faith based on any circumstance?
  49. Jerika Bolen scheduling her ventilator removal date
  50. Fasting
  51. My Capstone Project
  52. Joseph of Arimathea Buying Linen On Passover?
  53. Paul and living a quiet life
  54. Faith Manifest
  55. Church la 1Cor. 14
  56. Help Write a Welcome Booklet
  57. Forgiveness
  58. Baby Dedication
  59. The Narrow Door
  60. Timeline question.
  61. The canonization of Mother Teresa
  62. How Pope Francis Betrayed His Name
  63. Common Issues In Discussions With Skeptics?
  64. Favorite Psalms
  65. How would the members of Revelation's seven churches feel about Colin Kaepernick?
  66. Modesty
  67. How would you deal with bringing a new believer to church?
  68. Recommendations for a catechism for young children?
  69. The Wisdom of God
  70. Educating children and young adults
  71. The Authority of Scripture
  72. Pastor Saeed Abidini
  73. 'Intimacy' theology?
  74. Fundamentalist!
  75. Best Christian speaker today?
  76. Is Hillary a Christian?
  77. John Piper's Book Royalties
  78. Modern tech and spreading the word
  79. Being "All things to all men"
  80. Something that resonates with me.
  81. Genesis 22
  82. I recently finished Cold Case Christianity
  83. What exactly is general mainstream evangelical Christian theology?
  84. What I think is wrong with some churches
  85. Weaning Off the Milquetoast
  86. We are the Lights of the World!
  87. How does one witness to someone who thinks christianity is bunk?
  88. Getting a modern English Bible translation in the public domain?
  89. Happy Reformation Sunday! So what?
  90. Humility
  91. The Screwtape letters
  92. Cosmology
  93. Who will you stand with?
  94. How to Assist Others In Their Christian Walk?
  95. Wise Words
  96. Live streamed sermons
  97. Ephesians 4:8/Psalm 68:18
  98. Author of the Book of Genesis
  99. What should Christians think about religious freedom?
  100. The Heavenly State
  101. Enns' Blog Post
  102. I've been Christian for 28 years.
  103. Thomas Oden
  104. Lgbt, etc.
  105. Spurgeon quote
  106. A Christmas Message From Space - Apollo 8, Christmas Eve 1968
  107. Tremper Longman's Old Testament audio lectures, free right now
  108. Marcan Priority a Protestant Thing, acc. to Duncan Graham Reid
  109. Christmas Sunday
  110. God Will Give You Something to Say
  111. Christianity as a crutch
  112. How should my faith influence my writing/art/etc.?
  113. Everlasting Covenant: Circumcision
  114. God's Rule Over Obama and Trump
  115. Enns Making Waves
  116. Man of God
  117. Brainsick
  118. "life verse"
  119. THE DOUBLE COMMITMENT (Colossians 1:2-8)
  120. Lee Strobel's "The Case for Christ"
  121. Does the phrase entering into God's "Rest" take on different meanings?
  122. Bon Mardi Gras!
  123. John 3:5
  124. "Youth-led movement"
  125. Pope Francis: Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?
  126. 3 Ways
  127. William Borden
  128. Are daily devotions biblical?
  129. God & Fun
  130. Complaining/grumbling, and the destroying angel
  131. $70 million sanctuary - excessive or good investment?
  132. Parable of talents (bags of gold)
  133. Summer Hours
  134. Honor and Shame in the New Testament
  135. my corny testimony thread
  136. Bernie Sanders vs Traditional Christianity
  137. Christian Education
  138. The Argument that Church Membership is Unbiblical
  139. manoah & the Angel of the Lord
  140. Let married men become priests
  141. Faith vs Hope
  142. Donald Trump and Christianity
  143. 1 Corinthians 11: Head coverings and angels
  144. We Need an Honest to Goodness Holy Ghost Revival
  145. OT Law is an indirect source for the moral life
  146. How Do You Fill the Gaps?
  147. Decent Summary on the Iconoclasm Controversy
  148. Nashville Statement
  149. Quote from Athanasius
  150. Speaking of "Statements"...
  151. Jesus as a fighting gane character.
  152. Complementarianism vs. Egalitarianism
  153. Future ministry opportunities for disgraced televangelists?
  154. the wicked flee when no man pursueth
  155. Mennonites
  156. Were early Christians pacifist?
  157. The Nag Hammadi
  158. Should all pastors be scholars?
  159. Mark 9:50
  160. How did Jesus escape the questioners' trap in the "Render to Caesar" incident?
  161. Church of Sweden to Neuter God?????
  162. Christmas and Advent
  163. Babylon Bee with more hardhitting journalism
  164. Need advice from Christians well-versed in both philosophy and theology!
  165. How Do We Know that God Exists?
  166. Lazy Research
  167. Having conversations about Jesus
  168. Tourette's Syndrome
  169. Spiritual Decline
  170. Why wait?
  171. Doubt
  172. Dark Night of the Soul
  173. Christians Ascend?
  174. Craig Keener - Miracles
  175. OT Archeology - Jericho
  176. Christians & The Changed Life
  177. Secret Giving as Opposed to Public Giving
  178. Have Christians really faced the problems. . .
  179. Twilight of Atheism
  180. Re-conversion
  181. Don't drop the baby...
  182. Matthew 6:33 and implications
  183. Is self defense a God given right? In what way?
  184. Progressive Christianity: 10 Commandments
  185. 2 Timothy 2:4
  186. Pope Says It OK To Be Gay?
  187. Al Mohler: God's judgement is upon the Southern Baptist Convention
  188. "Coincidences"
  189. Which OT Laws are carried over to the NT?
  190. Won't you be my neighbor?
  191. Eschatological Issues
  192. A Parable
  193. "LGBTQ+ inclusive" churches don't seem to be reaching their goal
  194. Of Snakes and Men
  195. On Jeremiah 29:11
  196. Commander of Angelic Army
  197. Trophy Game Hunting...
  198. Answering Questions Concerning the Christian Faith
  199. Wrath of Chemosh(?)
  200. Implications of Calvinism
  201. Worship breaks out inside Sam's Club
  202. How does this song fit as something a Christian might listen to?
  203. Christians Giving up All Possessions
  204. What does it mean to receive the Holy Spirit?
  205. A More Christ-like God
  206. Was salvation originally intended to be exclusively for Jews?
  207. Why are so many Christians adopting flat earthism?
  208. Corinthian Assembly
  209. Epic Jawbone
  210. Looking for good Christian music
  211. Christians and hate
  212. Majority of white evangelicals say racial diversity bad for America
  213. Babylon Bee
  214. What Is Your Favorite Book Of The Bible?
  215. What does John 20:23 mean?
  216. Historical Elaboration or Elaborate Embellishment?
  217. The AoL Revisited
  218. Advent
  219. Theology Web
  220. 1 Thess. 4
  221. Melchizedek
  222. Failed Apocalypticism
  223. Jerry Falwell, Jr. vs. Jesus
  224. Serving money
  225. Believing or Not Believing Because of Evidence
  226. Catholic cathedral bombed in the Philippines
  227. Bishops and Apostles
  228. The Kingdom of God and the death of the Messiah
  229. Who sends the Counselor/Comforter/Advocate?
  230. You Say You Want An Evolution!
  231. Methodists Double Down on Gay Marriage Opposition, Anti-LGBT Clergy
  232. One Hope Movement
  233. The parable of the rich fool
  234. Weird Question about a Debate
  235. John 17:5 preexistence or foreknowledge?
  236. The death of Jesus at the hands of the Romans
  237. Christianity grows in Syrian town once besieged by Islamic State
  238. Paul vs Peter, Apostle to the Gentiles
  239. No one is righteous?
  240. Standing up for the poor invites the Antichrist?
  241. Hebrews 8:13
  242. Can white people be saved?
  243. Obed the son of Mahlom?
  244. Jesus killed babies!?
  245. Ancient of Days, Indeed
  246. The Johannine Question
  247. The Great Church Shuffle
  248. Dr. Heiser, "Fern and Audrey", Satanic Ritual Abuse, and Talking to Angels
  249. Putting Paul in His (Historical) Place
  250. Intimations of Exegesis