View Full Version : Comparative Religions 101

  1. What is and isn't a religion?
  2. Trifling with the Tefillin.
  3. Dee Dee and Lao discuss Bart Ehrman and the Koran
  4. Catholic Problems
  5. Interesting maps: The largest non-Christian religion by state/county in the US
  6. Miracles everywhere!
  7. Unitarian Universalism
  8. American evangelicals vs. American religious Jews on Israel
  9. It REALLY is the religion of peace
  10. Papa Francis prays facing Mecca in mosque
  11. Atheists are smarter than Christians?
  12. Bahai and Evolution: Compatible, Conflicted, Confused, or What?
  13. Iceland building first temple to Norse gods in 1,000 years
  14. Manna, Cannibalism, Sin, and Redemption.
  15. Recognizing the false Christian cults.
  16. Your religious beliefs are false, now what?
  17. Being a religion of peace
  18. Mark 16:18
  19. Charlie Charlie
  20. The Unitarian
  21. Viral Photo of a Sikh Guy
  22. The Baha'i Faith - Satan and the ego
  23. What God in each major ancient civilization is closest to the one supreme God?
  24. Re-incarnation in Thervada vs other Buddhism
  25. Getting Kicked Out of a Muslim Prayer Room
  26. Zoroaster
  27. Muslim vs. Jewish interpretations of holy books
  28. Peace & Hope
  29. Why are Orthodox and Catholic Cathedrals not counted as "Megachurches"?
  30. Marius Victorinous claimed to have teached sola fide any truth to that?
  31. Buddha and Blaming the Victim
  32. The Qur'an, the Bible and Islam.
  33. Split from Universal Salvation
  34. Is not the Quran a 100% preserved?
  35. Messianic Judaism
  36. Celebrating Religious Holidays in the Workplace
  37. Jesse Duplantis
  38. Is Islam Inherently Violent?
  39. The Idea of Craving
  40. Did Jesus preach or proclaim the doctrine of the Trinity?
  41. Kumbh Mela the largest public gathering and collective act of faith in the world
  42. Christian distinctives
  43. Can One Man Die for the sins of Others?