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  1. Ecclesiastic Music
  2. What's your position on the mind-body problem?
  3. What are the philosophical questions/issues that interest you the most?
  4. Ethics & destiny of AI creations
  5. I have a question...
  6. Arguments that You Find Unpersuasive and/or Faulty
  7. Is Intellectual Property a legitimate concept?
  8. The Gettier Problem and epistomology
  9. The Identity of God.
  10. Chaos. Cosmos. Eros. Thanatos.
  11. An Infinite Past?
  12. Rights
  13. The OA: General Thoughts
  14. The Apathetic God Paradox-Refuted
  15. The Divine Non-Contradiction Principle and Why it Fails-Refuted
  16. Science and the arguments for/against the existence of God. Cosmology and Cosmogony
  17. Is "Why is there something rather than nothing?" a legitimate question?
  18. Creatio ex deo
  19. I don't understand the concept of a Brute Fact
  20. Is Time Real?
  21. Can a Timeless God Really Understand us?
  22. Problems with Thomas Aquinas aguments for the existence of God
  23. Feser - Problems with his view of science and religion
  24. Science of Morality
  25. Circular Arguments?
  26. Implications of a Multiverse on Christian Faith
  27. Teaching Philosophy to Children
  28. The Assumptions of Science
  29. Derail from "Slaughter in Paris."
  30. Nothingness
  31. The self-existent existence.
  32. Utilitarianism
  33. Derail from Utilitarianism
  34. Is libertarian free will coherent?
  35. What Is Man?
  36. Is Epiphenomenalism Irrational?
  37. Determinism And Moral Responsibility
  38. Oh How Nature Has Deceived Us!
  39. Does Faith Makes Us Better?
  40. God Argument: God Corrolate (or co-determionate)
  41. Universal nature of liberal experience
  42. Why do Calvinists/Reformed reject Traditions using naturalistic premises?
  43. Mind is not reduceable to brain
  44. Different ways of doing philosophy?
  45. Killing animals
  46. please delete
  47. Did God create logic? Or is logic further evidence of Godís existence?
  48. Scientific Fraud...
  49. Is Morality Objective or Relative?
  50. Self-Refuting or Self-denial fallacy
  51. Free Will and Determinism
  52. Socrates philosophy and method
  53. Speaking before thinking...
  54. Arguments you should not use
  55. Philosophical Arguments against Same-Sex Marriage
  56. Presuppositional Apologetics
  57. Arguments we should use or not use.
  58. Teaching Philosophy to Children
  59. Is morality a human construct?
  60. Hello
  61. Reasons and Causes: How Can We Know If Determinism is True?
  62. For materialists, do you believe that truth exists independent of mind? If so, how?
  63. The Moral Argument for God's Existence
  64. If Free Will exists, then Mind underlies the physical universe.
  65. The 'brain in a vat argument.'
  66. Causal Determinism?
  67. Some Thomistic Concepts Introduced and Discussed
  68. Compatibalism
  69. Denying Self-Consciousness, Quantum and a Christian answer to the Problem of Evil
  70. Non-theistic Moral Realism
  71. The Concept of the Infinite
  72. Do the laws of the universe exist under materialism?
  73. Relationship between Philosophy and Theology
  74. Different Approaches to Doing Philosophy?
  75. Free will.
  76. Jean Paul Sartre
  77. God a Trinity.
  78. Secular Ethics...
  79. A shared challenge regarding the foundation of ethics
  80. Existential comics punches scientism in the face, writes articulate blog post why.
  81. Becoming the Right Person vs. Doing Right for Right Reasons
  82. Arguing for the Spirituality of the Human Intellect.
  83. Human Dignity?
  84. Objective Morality (Once More Into The Breach)
  85. Teleology And Human Ethics...
  86. What does it matter . . . ?
  87. Internalism vs. Externalism
  88. The Turing Test, Consciousness and Imago Dei
  89. Argument from Reason
  90. New member question about philosophy
  91. An infinite series of finite causes.
  92. Abortion Is Equal To Murder?
  93. The Philosophy Of Infanticide
  94. The Strange Nature Of Dreams...
  95. Phantom limbs and the Soul
  96. The Stare...
  97. Atheism And Moral Progress
  98. White Patriarchy...
  99. Origin of the Mind/Mental States
  100. Interaction Problem Involving the Soul and Body
  101. Carl Sagan's prediction for a Demon Haunted World.
  102. Abnormal Behavior...
  103. Can Atheism Account For Rationality
  104. Are Thoughts Causal?
  105. The relationship between the brain, mind, thoughts, and consciousness.
  106. Reasons and Causes
  107. Original sin
  108. Definitions: Natural Vs. Supernatural.
  109. When does proving one's truth claims come to an end?
  110. Philosophies for or against religion
  111. Moral vs. Factual Belief
  112. Morally Wrong Behavior vs. What the Civil Government Should Prohibit
  113. Are thoughts causal II
  114. Determinism And Rationality.
  115. The Omnipresence of God and Creation
  116. B Theory Of Time...
  117. Time, Omniscience and Free Will