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  1. Empiricism
  2. Ugarit
  3. Dear firstfloor
  4. Lord, Lunatic, or Liar - False Dichotomy?
  5. The metaphysics of there being no God.
  6. Christianity Is Dangerous
  7. Godís Word?
  8. Christianity is Awesome
  9. Satan's Story
  10. A Plea for Understanding
  11. Awesome Apologetics Links
  12. YES ... evolution is a religion.
  13. Matthew 12:40 an idiom?
  14. Evidence for the JEDP theory and the late-dating of the Torah
  15. A defense of ECREE
  16. The Honest Atheist?
  17. Witnessing to Atheists
  18. Mixed Relationships
  19. Why Do the Gospels Contain Differences?
  20. Date and Reliability of the Gospels.
  21. Licona Tells a Demon Story
  22. Another Demon thread
  23. God and social dysfunction
  24. Outis and Quantum Weirdness discuss the authorship and composition of the Gospels
  25. Thomas Paine on Calvinism and Sophistry
  26. A Conversion Story
  27. Saved Atheist
  28. What was Paul's role in the history of Christianity?
  29. Story of creation: Genesis.
  30. Plantinga's argument for Design.
  31. There is intelligent design.
  32. Plantinga Changed His Mind
  33. Christianity as History Theft
  34. What must I do to be Born Again?
  35. Blood Moon Tetrad
  36. Papyrus found Jesus married
  37. How the Judges of Israel Overlapped
  38. Paulís basket escape from Damascus (Robert Eisenman)
  39. Parallellism is atheological and theistic arguments
  40. The end of Christianity
  41. The Revelation of Jesus Christ
  42. Skeptical response to Bart Ehrman's book in the historical Jesus
  43. A concept of objective morality is not necessarily a good thing. It can be harmful.
  44. Terrible argument against fine-tuning from someone who should know better
  45. Problematic Natural Evil
  46. Infinite regress.
  47. What Is Man?
  48. Bayesian analysis for beginners
  49. Richard Dawkins weighs in against reading fairy stories to children
  50. Breaking Bad Religion
  51. Did God know?
  52. Anyone have access to Philosophia Christi?
  53. Which Artaxerxes was Contemporary with Ezra?
  54. Unitarian Universalism, Humanism, God and the Humanist Manifesto
  55. Interpret Genesis 1 to make sense
  56. Divine revelation
  57. Is Jesus Subordinate To God?
  58. God of Creation vs God of the Bible - A Crisis of Faith
  59. The problem of evil and suffering and the final state of man.
  60. GR Morton's Biblical Mediterranean Fllod Model
  61. Dating Revelation
  62. Atheism: The Death Of Hope.
  63. Religion: Better For Moral Health Of Community?
  64. Can we trust what God says?
  65. The Laws Of Nature, A Violation?
  66. Metalogical reasoning for the Divine
  67. Jeremiah: Ms or Lxx?
  68. How much resurrection testimony in the NT is actually first-hand?
  69. The sin of Adam
  70. rational justification to avoid investigating miracle-claims
  71. Could you believe that God exists?
  72. What Happened in the Real Beginning?
  73. Radish Magazine turns its eye toward atheism as a movement
  74. Evidence For A Soul?
  75. Thought Experiment: God Glass
  76. Presuppositional Apolgetic
  77. Ontological Argument?
  78. The Logos vs The Word
  79. The Rachael Slick question.
  80. My perspective on The Problem of Evil
  81. Atonement or Human Sacrifice on the Cross?
  82. Does theism have an inherent advantage due to age?
  83. Neccesary existence, why?
  84. The Problem of Natural Evil
  85. Animals Doing What Animals Do...
  86. Why Did You Originally Join Theologyweb?
  87. About Psalm 137
  88. Re: Abraham and Isaac
  89. Is God Immoral?
  90. In Defense of the God's Benevolence towards Job
  91. Canaanite Psalms
  92. Aesthetics and Human Connection
  93. Ted Kirkpatrick and Animal Cruelty
  94. James K. A. Smith Apologetics Videos
  95. Richard Beck on Universalism and Theodicy
  96. Heavy Metal Mass and some other stuff.
  97. Behold, atheists' new Ten Commandments
  98. Weaknesses of atheism
  99. Does 2 + 2 = 4 need a god to be true?
  100. Merry Christmas TWeb!
  101. The Great Hell Debate
  102. How to respond to this?
  103. Goliath and Legend
  104. Christians behaving badly
  105. Christians Believing Badly
  106. Yahweh Vs. The gods
  107. Alex Malarkey, 'The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven,' Admits He Made It All Up
  108. Christian Beer Guide
  109. Samson's and Delilah's Interaction
  110. Miracles
  111. Exoplanetary Falls?
  112. Infant sacrifice
  113. Glenn Miller on genocide
  114. Secular Morality?
  115. when *god's mysterious ways* backfires
  116. Thoughts on "God and the Gay Christian"?
  117. Noah - the Clean and the Unclean
  118. Problems with Noah
  119. Exodus 21:8, sadism in the Hebrew slave code
  120. Bible author accepts polytheism
  121. Christians Don't Sin
  122. Resurrection of Jesus: how strong is Matthew's testimony?
  123. Timeless creation ?
  124. Resurrection of Jesus: how strong is Mark's testimony?
  125. Inevitable Fall or Earthly Utopia?
  126. Resurrection of Jesus: how strong is Luke's testimony?
  127. Resurrection of Jesus: How strong is John's testimony?
  128. The Lilies of the Field
  129. Christian Objections to Serving Same Sex Couples are Disingenuous
  130. A Moral Argument Against God's Existence
  131. I don't get why people think WLC's moral argument works
  132. Satan and His Influence
  133. Resurrection of Jesus: how strong is apostle Paul's testimony?
  134. Why Did Jesus Have to Die?
  135. An objection to the notion God's commands determines moral obligations
  136. My personal experience of evangelism
  137. Moral Realism?
  138. Are spiritual fruit exclusive to Christianity?
  139. The Infinitely lazy God?
  140. An amusing thought I had ~ Why how right you think you are is irrelevant.
  141. Five people you can't stand.
  142. Godincidence...
  143. Some people you respect ...
  144. Name 5 people you canít stand thread who you donít share a religion with
  145. The Inner Life: Beyond Science?
  146. My review of Richard Carrier's "On the Historicity of Jesus"
  147. More Favourite Bible Verses (so that atheist Bible readers can join in)
  148. A Priori beliefs.
  149. Pondering Apologetics ~ Why do all the canvassers have such terrible arguments?
  150. Hated and feared by a world they are sworn to protect, the X-Men face off against sin
  151. Christian Suicide
  152. Atheists - Really Secret Believers?
  153. Dubious Plot and Cast
  154. Whag's reasons for rejection of religion.
  155. The relationship between religions and the Baha'i Faith, and reasons to believe.
  156. Gehenna to Hell
  157. Can Science and Christianity be compatible? LPoT vs SoR. Also open to others.
  158. Why does God saying something make it objective?
  159. What is a 'Christ'?
  160. Appeals to authority and disagreement are a bad idea
  161. Faith Without Reason (A Response to Richard Dawkins, et al)
  162. Why I am an atheist
  163. Morality Without Justice
  164. Why think God caused the universe to exist?
  165. And, Religion Is Good For You....
  166. Death
  167. An objection to William Lane Craig's moral argument
  168. Where Do Moral Questions Stop?
  169. Apartheid was not objectively wrong, nor was the Holocaust
  170. Abiogenesis split from Death thread
  171. Christian Necrophobes
  172. On why people think actions are morally right or morally wrong
  173. Does God follow the golden rule?
  174. Tear-Free Kingdom
  175. Abiogenesis split from Death thread
  176. Abiogenesis split from Death thread
  177. The Abrahamic Conflict between Objectivism and Subjectivism
  178. Is fear a good reason to become Christian
  179. Explaining why there are atheists and people who don't believe in the paranormal
  180. Is religion required for morality and for people to behave morally?
  181. The "Genesis" of Marriage
  182. Help
  183. Nature Worship of the Ancients
  184. "Rethinking 'Hitler's Pope' " by Mark Riebling
  185. Persecution as Proof of Salvation
  186. The Beauty Of Determinism!
  187. The Curse of Human Reproduction Explained
  188. The Fall, Original Sin and Atonement
  189. Jesus & The Psychiatrists
  190. Teleology of the Universe
  191. The Beauty Of Fundamentalism!
  192. Projection onto God
  193. Children in non-religious families are more generous
  194. The Bible UnWheeled
  195. Audacity of the Disciples
  196. NT scholarship: Radicals! Lots of them!
  197. Determinism, Compatibilsm, Free Will, Ex Nihilo
  198. What did the church fathers believe concerning Genesis?
  199. Is Creation ex nihilo
  200. Christ in the Cretaceous
  201. Evangelism and Anxiety De-rail
  202. Is the Story of Lazarus a later Embellishment?
  203. Extra ecclesiam nulla salus
  204. Are we failures because we sin?
  205. A critical take on Inspiring Phiosophy's evidence for the Resurrection
  206. The Evidence for the Resurrection: Generalizations and Assumptions
  207. Pagan origins of Judaism
  208. Is the Ascension Story an Embellishment?
  209. "RISEN: the Novelization of the Major Motion Picture"
  210. Ancient history suggests that atheism is as natural to humans as religion
  211. Did anyone expect this bombshell?
  212. Greg Laurie
  213. Moved From: Made in God's Image
  214. The Atheist's Infidelitatis.
  215. Theists' Creeds and Beliefs
  216. Thomas
  217. For when some Christians invariably begin to abuse this research...
  218. God Argument from epistemic jugement
  219. walk with me through the argument
  220. Why I'm not an atheist
  221. Dear firstfloor
  222. God Argument: from Beimg itself or ground of beimng
  223. How to attack Christianity
  224. Atheists - What attacks on Atheism Work Best?
  225. The Morality Of James Savile
  226. What is the oddest thing you've read from your side?
  227. Can we trust our thoughts
  228. Highly Religious
  229. PMPN: empty tomb written Mid first centiury
  230. The Scientific Priesthood
  231. *Edited by a Moderator*
  232. The Evidence Skeptics would like to see for the Resurrection Claim
  233. Gary & Rhinestone's Thread on Burial and Resurrection of Christ
  234. Dear LakeGeorgeMan
  235. William Lane Craig vs. Kevin Scharp: On divine psychology and epistemic confidence
  236. Best apologetics sites
  237. New potential response to "Belief in God is dumb because there is no evidence"
  238. If Corinth had the same "tongues" as Charismatics, and their tongues are fake,then...
  239. Original Sin? What?
  240. Is The Trinity Logical?
  241. The William Lane Craig Phenomenon
  242. William Lane Craig and the Kalam argument
  243. Inner or outer strength?
  244. Poll: The word of God is inerrant.
  245. Proofs for the Existence of God
  246. Problems and Questions in Atheism
  247. Uncaused what?
  248. Duns Scotus
  249. Leaving Chrisitianity
  250. The Final Stage of Creation