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  1. Even MORE [sigh] "non-existent evidence ...
  2. Juno spacecraft approaching Jupiter tonight!
  3. TEs/OECs interpretation of The Flood
  4. Software bug cause problems for around 40,000 fMRI papers.
  5. Exposing the lies in Jorge's Flood "evidence".
  6. So scales, feathers and hair look to be connected after all.
  7. Problems with the Big Bang Theory
  8. Hundreds of new galaxies found!
  9. Humans are Least Concern on the red list, DUH!
  10. Weird Quantum effects confirmed in new study.
  11. A New Model describes the Big Bang Could have been a Big Bounce.
  12. Materialists believe in magic
  13. The Earth Can Cool Itself?
  14. Google's Quantum Computer accurately simulates a molecule
  15. LUCA is LOCO!
  16. Quantum equations suggest infinite universe
  17. ""constancy in nature" by universal chance - a neat trick!" ????
  18. All young earth creationists must have a L"U"CA.
  19. Evolution -Survival of the fittest genes.
  20. Can volcanic eruptions cause shatter cones?
  21. dinosaur to bird evolution evidence
  22. Evidence for cetacean evolution
  23. Now and the past. The future is always not yet.
  24. Closest Potentially Habitable Planet
  25. Are the cosmological models for the origins of our universe subject to falsification?
  26. Springer in the news ... wow!
  27. Mysterious-star-signal-stokes-seti-hopes
  28. Ooops - 1st Oort cloud object found ...
  29. Space-X go boom. again
  30. Oldest evidence for life found in Greenland
  31. Question involving experiments with quantum entities
  32. The Future - as predicted in 1964
  33. Complex specified information
  34. THE thread for climate skeptics.
  35. Heavenly Palace to Crash & Burn
  36. Utah's Great Salt Lake Disappearing
  37. Play and Intelligence
  38. The ID movement rents another room
  39. Human Space Flight
  40. At last
  41. UK scientists: "Richard Dawkins’ work misrepresents science"
  42. First Dinosaur Brain Discovered
  43. The philosophy and scientific evidence of the cosmology of origins
  44. Is the Stationary Earth the Heaviest Object in the Universe?
  45. An admission + asking JohnMartin for some help
  46. Mike Pence and evolution
  47. Extensive fossil evidence for transition to land animals.
  48. Problems with Heliocentrism, Part 2
  49. Four new chemical elements have been named
  50. Sun Path Website
  51. Problems with Geocentrism Part A
  52. Favorite Astronomy Pictures.
  53. Transition species found from birds with teeth to beaked birds.
  54. The repeating fast radio burst frb 121102
  55. The problem of evidence for a Biblical Flood
  56. Problems with General Relativity Theory.
  57. Childrens guide to radiation
  58. The first images from the new weather satellite
  59. Humans Caused Extinction of Australia’s Prehistoric Giant Animals
  60. Checking a quotation
  61. video of 4 exoplanets orbiting their host star
  62. The weather for 2017
  63. Science Mike McHargue
  64. New solar system near by with 7 planets, three habitable.
  65. Alternatives to Methodological Naturalism
  66. Yet another beneficial mutation in humans uncovered
  67. World's Oldest Known Fossil
  68. Gee, just what Jorge said ...
  69. gravitational waves detected
  70. Fake journals
  71. This is how the dinosaurs died
  72. planets forming here!
  73. YEC argues FOR dark matter
  74. Discovery of a really cool dinosaur trackway in Australia announced
  75. Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum announces new display
  76. Are you ready for self-driving Taxis?
  77. First image of dark matter web that connects galaxies
  78. And God separated the light from the dark ...
  79. Digital Telepathy
  80. Move over jet packs - a real hoverboard is here.
  81. photons
  82. Genius, the Life of Einstein...
  83. New celestial phenomenon
  84. Possible evidence of humans in North America 15,000 years ago.
  85. Bill Nye The Idiot Guy
  86. Is The Antarctic Actually Cooling?
  87. Zombie icons of Evolution
  88. Trying this again ... Information ...
  89. It's about freaking time!
  90. Here there be dragons.
  91. Science books.
  92. What is "anti-science"?
  93. The Mixing Of Science And Politics
  94. Humans around longer than thought
  95. Homosapiens emergergence dated at 300K years ago
  96. Early extinct whales had hearing like their terrestrial ancestors
  97. Quantum communication
  98. A problem of Gradualism and the Survival of the Fittest within Evolutionary Theory.
  99. NASA - Ten new earth size planets found
  100. Endogenous Retroviruses - Frequently Asked Questions
  101. Hyper velocity stars like LMC runaways ...
  102. Iceshelf breaks off Antarctica
  103. Intelligent Design cannot explain the origin of intelligence
  104. Donald Trump expounding on the math on science.
  105. T-rex Question
  106. I've got that sinking feeling ...
  107. Multiverse Question
  108. The shoe that fits Theistic Evolutionists
  109. The shoe that fits the theistic evolutionist - part 2.
  110. Solar Eclipse Calculator
  111. Denisovan species of early humans first to carve Jewlery
  112. JohnMartin was right
  113. New word - Ecliptomania
  114. Just wondering ...
  115. Why so quiet?
  116. The latest Bio-Complexity article
  117. Random Biology questions
  118. Hurricanes and climate change
  119. States of Matter
  120. astrophysics - dumb questions
  121. Gould: incompetent or deceitful?
  122. What do those Nobel people know anyway?
  123. Neutron stars go boom
  124. Want To See Uranus With The Naked Eye?
  125. Fossil evidence of the link between microbes and animals
  126. The Universe Shouldn't Exist...
  127. More "non-existent" supportive evidence ...
  128. The Unconscious Self
  129. Quantum Entanglement, Biophotons and Consciousness
  130. An uppercut to the jaw ...
  131. Don't Miss 2017's only SuperMoon Sunday
  132. Trump to start process of sending Americans back to moon - White House
  133. Earth's mysterious hum recorded underwater for 1st time
  134. Sun is Blank
  135. Oldest fossils reveal life is at least 3.5 billion years old
  136. Question for the Evos ...
  137. Number of Stone Age Tools Contradict YEC claims
  138. Study: Simple Life Forms are Common throughout Universe
  139. Merry 4 days after the winter solstice!
  140. Mixing faith and science
  141. Prime pairs.
  142. We are terrible house sitters!
  143. Did Elon Musk Lose Secret U.S Government Satellite?
  144. Abundant Water Ice found on Mars
  145. Awww ... another one bites the dust.
  146. 2017's global temperatures
  147. SpaceX Completes Falcon Heave Static Fire Test
  148. A great reply --- precambrian rabbits.
  149. Soylent Brown is Poople!
  150. The future of automobiles
  151. In spite of it all ...
  152. The problem of what is a species when the number of different species? is increasing
  153. Randomness and chance or Fractal relationships in Chaos Theory?
  154. World's biggest plane, Stratolaunch, marks another key milestone
  155. 'Embarrassed' to accept Darwinism ...
  156. Newly-discovered planetary system has three super Earths
  157. RIP Stephen
  158. A thought about our significance
  159. Flat Earther tries to launch himself into space.
  160. Causality
  161. You can't make this stuff up!
  162. Zooowwweeeeeeee!!!
  163. Yet more Evolutionist censorship ...
  164. Minamitori Island mud volcano vast rare earth deposits
  165. Fruit Flies Suggest They Like Sex
  166. Atheists or Creationists - who's got more faith?
  167. New Discovery in Dinosaur to Bird Evolution
  168. Edward Witten on Consciousness
  169. Crocodiles Transitional fossil that back in Jurassic time
  170. Yet MORE evidence for design ...
  171. The EXPELLED persecution that "never happens"
  172. Population statistics and the age of the Earth
  173. Earliest Ediacaran Period fossil footprints of an animal found in China.
  174. Organic Matter found on Mars
  175. Fossilization
  176. Robert Jastrow
  177. Stirring the pudding stick
  178. PDS-70b
  179. Spiffy - with small things, great things can be done. ...
  180. Prominent creationist charged with blackmail, fraud, torture and child abuse
  181. How to Watch the Longest 'Blood Moon' Eclipse of the Century
  182. Quantum computers have arrived.
  183. Desertification Solution
  184. How To Overthrow A Scientific Theory In Three Easy Steps
  185. The universe’s rate of expansion is in dispute – and we may need new physics to solve
  186. On the Etiquette of dying
  187. New evidence of a possible cyclic universe.
  188. Conservative reality of global warming
  189. Natural origins of morality
  190. Google Dataset search
  191. International Space Station LEAK: NASA and Russia remain tight-lipped over findings
  192. Why the Air Force Won't Buy the F-15X or 'New' F-22 Raptor
  193. Change Water into Wine
  194. WEIRD Weather Pics - particularly CLOUDS
  195. How not to illustrate your article
  196. New Bird/Dinosaur intermediate species found
  197. Quantum can't model a mind using quantum
  198. Musk's SpaceX Successfully Lands Rocket Back at California Base
  199. Advances in the science of abiogenesis
  200. New moon: China to launch lunar lighting in outer space...
  201. Ice Age on the Way?
  202. ‘Alarming’ Study Claiming Global Warming Heating Up Oceans Based on Math Error
  203. BGV theorem
  204. US federal climate change report warns of threat to US economy and lives
  205. 13 pounds of plastic found inside dead whale
  206. All humans are descended from just two people...
  207. The Dawn of Interplanetary Geology
  208. Strange seismic waves that rippled around world...
  209. Possible large Pleistocene Epoch impact crater found in Greenland
  210. Friday’s winter solstice 2018 features a full moon and meteor shower
  211. Honey I Shrunk the Kids - using diaper gel.
  212. Optimized amino acids
  213. Specified complexity
  214. p-value testing will never be the same again
  215. Climate global warming 2018
  216. YEC "evidence" posted in Christianity 301
  217. NASA heading back to Moon soon, and this time to stay
  218. A Missed Exo-Planet discovery
  219. The book Darwin Devolves
  220. Major meteor impact in 12,800 years ago is documented
  221. How Is This Possible?
  222. New Cambrian fossil diversity in China ~518 million years old.
  223. New promising exoplanet found
  224. Evolution supported by physics with Adrian Bejan - Constructal Law
  225. The day the asteroid hit...
  226. What is the most catastrophic event that could poss devastate humanity in the future?
  227. Life begets life
  228. Why Evolution is True
  229. An Israeli lander is now orbiting the Moon
  230. Giant bugs.
  231. On the horizon
  232. Solid liquids - a new state of matter
  233. New species of ancient human found in Philippines
  234. World’s biggest airplane takes flight for the first time ever
  235. 42,000 year old foal found frozen in time.
  236. Progress in in steps to create life in the lab
  237. Has the Apollo 10 lunar module finally been found?
  238. Our universe maybe a little younger than previously thought
  239. Just Don’t Call Them UFOs
  240. An excellent summary of the science of the expansion of the universal
  241. Early head and heart
  242. Wigner's friend, the existence of the Immaterial soul, and death of materialism
  243. Origin of life status
  244. Researcher connects the dots in fin-to-limb evolution