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  1. The Lazarus Thread Part II: "You Sick Freaks"
  2. Creation 6 day literal? Or Not
  3. Models and theories about the origins of the universe or greater cosmos.
  4. Anthropogenic global warming
  5. Evidence for the Theory of Evolution?
  6. New Discoveries in Evolution
  7. Is the Theory of Evolution a religion?
  8. How does Benjamin Libet's experiments provide evidence against Free will?
  9. Debate Coming Up
  10. How Well Do You Remember?
  11. State of the Union - Climate change?
  12. What Could Falsify Man Made Global Warming Theory?
  13. Why Error Bars Matter
  14. Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham
  15. [Some other forum] and SJ Gould
  16. Paleogenetics and human history
  17. Human evolution and inferior races
  18. Has the Ark Project sunk?
  19. WARNING Weird
  20. How is weather forcast? Do patterns follow fractal Chaos relationship?
  21. Some thoughts on "information"
  22. Artificial hand for the win!
  23. Kansas fluoride bill
  24. Evolution in action
  25. Simulating the cell in software.
  26. Creationism and inferior races
  27. Delayed-Choice Quantum Eraser experiment
  28. New Major Cambrian Fossil Site Found in British Columbia
  29. Darwin's Day
  30. New study casts more doubt on Biblical literalism
  31. What could falsify anthropogenic global warning (serious posts only)
  32. Welcome to the Machine
  33. Leucretius must have his day!
  34. Remains of oldest live birth of marine reptile found
  35. How bad is science knowledge in the US?
  36. Religion and Science
  37. Infall towards protostars
  38. On the relation between scientific literacy and political orientation
  39. Glenn Morton
  40. New Debate Coming up
  41. Someone stole our Asteroid!
  42. Fukushima vs Climate Change
  43. New important transitional fossil for bats
  44. Neanderthals and early capability of speech
  45. Homo sapien subspecies?
  46. How did the geologic column form/develop? (old-earth)
  47. How scientists test assumptions.
  48. 715 NEW planets
  49. Mystery to Chilean mass whale graveyard solved
  50. Another model of our universe from inside a black hole.
  51. Fluid dynamics theory of the behavior of sound in the universe
  52. Have These People No Shame?
  53. An important scientific discovery! (Humor)
  54. An equation for dark matter?
  55. Coywolf
  56. Neanderthal hyoid bone study
  57. Neanderthals and Diabetes
  58. Potential Evidence of Inflationary Big Bang
  59. Consilient YEC evidence
  60. Sparko v. Truthseeker: Would millions of solar concentrating plants drive up glo...
  61. The Fountains of the Great Deep...
  62. View unreasonably high resolution photographs of a near-pefectly preserved ice man!
  63. A video montage taken from Cassini and Voyager
  64. Are Low Energy Nuclear Reactions for real?
  65. Thorium as an energy source?
  66. Cork it.
  67. Would Noah's Ark have floated?
  68. Presenting the bionic kangaroo!
  69. Question on Special Relativity
  70. Captain Kathryn Janeway to narrate pro-Geocentricism documentary
  71. What is Creation Science or "Biblical Creation"? Simple words, but how to flesh out?
  72. Societal Energy Sources in 2114
  73. Provincial Science
  74. The Real Common Ancestor?
  75. Is fingerprint evidence faulty?
  76. fun site with some cool infographics
  77. How the sins of the father get passed along.
  78. "Spark of life: Metabolism appears in lab without cells "
  79. Newly discovered pterodactyloid is earliest one known
  80. It's official: ID really is creationism
  81. The Expanding Universe
  82. Bamboo vase uses dew to fight drought
  83. New info on the universe/multiverse - Tegmark
  84. Ethics And Evolutionary Strategy
  85. Illustris computer simulation simulates entire universe from near the Big Bang to tod
  86. Ever want to be on the ISS?
  87. "The case for junk DNA"
  88. Loss of big Antarctic glaciers inevitable
  89. Climate Change: Now What?
  90. Big Bang Discovery Comes Under Fire
  91. Dino extinction and Chicxulub impactor new evidence
  92. Hebrew Calendar before Meton
  93. Jorge's opportunity to debate specific data
  94. What "theory" means in science
  95. Quantum Entanglement?
  96. Rain as a Cleaning Mechanism?
  97. Interesting serious starting on PT
  98. Atomic Clocks!
  99. Israel to start teaching evolution in Middle School
  100. Banana-Eating Moth Evolved in Less Than 1000 Years?- Rich Deem
  101. "AI is a dream we shouldn't be having"
  102. More "non-existent" YEC evidence
  103. An Evolution thought experiment
  104. Pond ecosystems
  105. The Sense Of Smell: How Did It Happen?
  106. The evolution of the Hippo
  107. Goal!!!!!
  108. Why didn't Elohim create FRESH granite?
  109. Your favourite popular science books/ tv series
  110. Misused terms which drive scientists nuts
  111. John Sanford doubles down on his Genetic Entropy idiocy.
  112. Inflation Theory: Not So Much...
  113. Dinosaur soft tissue
  114. Moon recession and unjustified extrapolation
  115. 7.1 Shaker Reported in Alaska
  116. Warming Then And Now?
  117. Einstein and peer review. (I've never been published in Nature, but...)
  118. Warming: Where Is The Harm?
  119. Not science, but rather ideology.
  120. Excellent read on the state of confusion regarding solar system formation.
  121. One of the best answers ever ...
  122. Ice core samples and Creationist lies
  123. Scientists discover that atheists might not exist, and that’s not a joke
  124. Don't miss the SUPERMOON tomorrow night!
  125. Banana --> Intelligent Design?
  126. John Sanford's Biblical evidence for genetic meltdown
  127. Literal Genesis 1:3
  128. The Ganzfeld experiment.
  129. Lawsuit because science is silenced
  130. Why not deep time?
  131. The function wars
  132. "Eye Witness" claim of the YEC
  133. New discovery indicates feathered dinosaurs more widespread than previously thought
  134. CRPS/RSD May Be Caused By Autoimmune Problems.
  135. The latest looniness from Mike Adams
  136. Crater - an interesting one.
  137. Is "Origins" Science differ from (to) "Historical" Science?
  138. Transitional locust discovered in forgotten stash of amber
  139. The Measurement Problem (Video)
  140. Dinosaur to bird tail transition. Testing the theory. Genetics and the fossil record.
  141. Great New AronRa video, Evolution is a fact
  142. Not A Hobbit After All?
  143. energy physics and the Divine attributes
  144. A way around the uncertainty principle
  145. First Law still works with an expanding universe
  146. Micro- vis-à-vis Macro-Evolution
  147. Timeless and Dimensionless Black Hole alternative to the Big Bang
  148. Huge asteroid that 'could end human life' defying gravity as it moves towards Earth
  149. Remains of large group of unusual "butterfly headed" pterosaur found in Brazil
  150. A "junk DNA" discussion
  151. Social Darwinism and World War I
  152. Abusus usum non tollit
  153. Baffling genetic barrier in some closely related species prevents interbreding
  154. August Scientific American is the Evolution issue
  155. Taxonomic jargon - how close is too close?
  156. Neutrinos from the main fusion reaction which powers the sun.
  157. Climate Change slowing rock motion
  158. Another prediction fulfilled!
  159. Holding their feet to the fire ...
  160. Is misapplication of a science evidence against it?
  161. “DeNovo Origin of Human Protein-Coding Genes” or How Some New Genes Come About.
  162. “Is Evolution a Secular Religion?” or how a sensible critique of Darwin is done.
  163. The Strong Horse
  164. A near complete giant dinosaur found!
  165. Laniakea: Where we live and what is going on. Great video from Nature.
  166. Evolutionary advantage of monogamy
  167. Good news for tinfoil hat wearers from research into bird navigation!
  168. Vertical gardening
  169. Drive for bold Trekkies
  170. Fossils of squirrel-like creatures push back origin of mammals millions of years
  171. "Scientific" tolerance (ha-ha) ...
  172. Will You Go on Record
  173. Documentary on the Ark
  174. Chickens from Hell!
  175. Love hoaxy stuff, and trivia of hoaxs
  176. Inside a cell
  177. Missing link of abiogenesis revealed
  178. An informational approach to the origin of life.
  179. The problem with Black Holes
  180. New discoveries put the claim of Gravity Waves in jeoperdy
  181. New particle Matter/Antimatter
  182. The 'just-so' stories of modern "science"
  183. For Jorge, how “just so stories” become testable scientific theories.
  184. Unbelievable !!!
  185. Unbelievable!!! Mk II
  186. Wolves eat meese to get the birds and the bees.
  187. Evolutionists do not understand OOL
  188. Scientists may soon create a black hole
  189. Commercial fusion in 15 years?
  190. Look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able ...
  191. Scitable, an interesting resource
  192. Science validates Astrology?
  193. Ten year anniversary reflections published on Homo Floresiensis
  194. Physics professor endorces Intelligent Design
  195. "The emerging principles of regulatory evolution"
  196. Gitt’s First Law of Information.
  197. Microbatteries
  198. More knowledge before the Big Bang about matter/anti-matter
  199. Food for thought
  200. "Food for Thought"
  201. Protoplanetary Disk (Best View Ever)
  202. Spectacular View of Newborn Planetary System
  203. Problems with scientific research - particulary medicine
  204. The Beginning of a Three Star Sytem
  205. Virus that 'makes humans more stupid' discovered
  206. Not The Higgs After All?
  207. So who is watching Philae?
  208. Why is there something rather then nothing?
  209. Are YECs ignorant, dumb, or stupid?
  210. The Case for the soul.
  211. "I don't care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist"
  212. How to build an artificial worm
  213. Experimental evolution. Testing Darwin regarding the origin of multicellularity.

  214. Robot Sub Finds Surprisingly Thick Antarctic Sea Ice
  215. For-profit scientific journals
  216. No, I haven't forgotten ...
  217. Why didn't the universe collapse after the Big Bang? Gravity
  218. Two excellent videos - Hands and feet.
  219. Another Creationist lawsuit FAIL
  220. Well here is some good news for Jorge, at least.
  221. Orion Launch Tomorrow!
  222. Testing the origin of multiple coding sequences.
  223. Can evolutionary biologists learn from creationists? Irreducible complexity.

  224. California Drought Natural?
  225. Rat Rescue
  226. ELT gets go-ahead.
  227. Ham's Ark Park denied $18 mil in tax rebates due to discriminatory hiring practices.
  228. The Jorge against scientism
  229. Truth and Materialistic OOL
  230. 10 top scientific stories 2014 - #8Full synthetic Chromosome of Yeast
  231. Mars is farting methane.
  232. Materialists: Contradictions and Hypocrisy
  233. Possible evidence of dark matter discovered
  234. Earth farts of methane may be the end of many things
  235. Surge in Oklahoma earthquakes
  236. Down Load The Brain?
  237. Changing Our DNA through Mind Control?
  238. Cool Science Links
  239. Antibiotic Resistance Will Kill 300 Million People by 2050
  240. Strange Fossil Shows How Life Responded After Mass Extinction
  241. To Shuny and other geologically literate folks here. Pennsylvanian cyclothems.
  242. Exact Solution to Model Big Bang, Quark Gluon Plasma Published
  243. Scientist Resigns as Stem-Cell Creation Method Is Discredited
  244. Ancient Eye Cells Suggest Color Vision Is 300 Million Years Old
  245. The Universe: Designed?
  246. Some real science Jorge. The evolution of leaf mimicry.
  247. Need Help With Reading Comprehension
  248. I'm Sorry...
  249. Does gravity slap us into reality?
  250. Newfound Exoplanets Are Most Earth-Like Yet