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  1. 1st Century Fragment of Mark
  2. Is 7Q5 a fragment of the Gospel Mark?
  3. The Exodus' and the Conquest's Historicity
  4. Daniel B. Wallace's reported the finding of fragments of Mark's gospel ~50 AD
  5. Noah's ark was round?
  6. New Pharaonic tomb with remains uncovered
  7. Camels in Genesis
  8. 300,000 year old hearth found in Isreal
  9. Long Lost Florida Fort Found in Georgia
  10. Ashkelon and Gezer
  11. Biblical Archeology Review Recomended
  12. Rare Egyptian sacophagus and scarb ring found in Isreal
  13. King David citadel found?
  14. Scrapes of writing 10th and 11th century BC Jerusalem
  15. Sodom and Gomorrah Discovered
  16. Muslim extremists destroy 3000 year old Assyrian artifacts
  17. Shroud of Turin - New Date?
  18. Shroud of Turin - What is the evidence for authenticity?
  19. Shroud of Turin - Evidence for reweaving
  20. Early Image of Jesus Found in Egyptian Tomb
  21. ISIS Set to Destroy Biblical History
  22. Remains of Long-Lost Temple Discovered in Iraq
  23. Mystery Mosaic Discovered in Ancient Galilee Synagogue
  24. Fisherman Pulls Up Beastly Evidence of Early Americans
  25. What was Judah like in Iron Age I and II
  26. Ancient 'moon god' monument unearthed in Israel
  27. Here is short proof the Shroud of Turin is a fake.
  28. Inscription to Emperor Hadrian Discovered in Jerusalem
  29. Notebook from 1912 Antarctic expedition found in ice
  30. ~43000 to ~47000 human genome sequenced
  31. Witchmarks to protect King James I from evil found at Knole
  32. Key note addressrevealsmuch about Isreali Archeology
  33. Archaeologists find possible site of Jesusís trial in Jerusalem
  34. Archeologists discover 5,000-year-old underground city that could be the largest ever
  35. Christianity and the Origin of Sanskrit
  36. The "Open" Pyramid - Abu Rowash
  37. Dem Bones Inside Buddha Figure
  38. Egyptian Artifacts Discovered in Israel Change Everything We Know About Passover
  39. Evidence of small scale agriculture from ~23,000 years ago found in Israel
  40. Ancient part of Leviticus found. Oldest known text
  41. King Tut's tomb to be searched for hidden chambers
  42. Greek Acra possibly found - Fortress used to control Temple Mount.
  43. Unprecedented King Hezekiah royal seal discovered
  44. 7000 year old Israel village
  45. Ancient Jews more literate than previously thought
  46. who darkened Sinaiticus? - antiquity or modern? - Sinaiticus problematicus
  47. Oldest known writing in London found
  48. Butter, Anyone?
  49. King Concedes 'Gospel Of Jesus' Wife' is Forgery After Owner Exposed as Pornographer
  50. Restoration work to begin on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  51. ancient tool use by monkeys
  52. The oldest known pyramid in the world is found!
  53. Something Weighty from AD 70
  54. Current Exchange Rate: Priceless.
  55. Israeli archeologists find taboo toilet at ancient Jewish shrine
  56. Babylonian scholars may have invented Trigonometry
  57. Tomb of St. Nicholas found?
  58. Ancient Greek 'Masterpiece' Revealed on Thumb-Size Gem
  59. Age of Jesus Christís Purported Tomb Revealed
  60. 1st century fragment of Mark -- Not what it's purported to be according to some
  61. Biblical account confirmed by archaeological find
  62. Israeli Scientists Decode One of Last Encrypted Dead Sea Scrolls
  63. Neanderthal cave art found in Spain
  64. 53 names in the Bible confirmed archaeologically
  65. Archaeological study reveals unique 34,000-year-old culture
  66. Continuous sophisticated Neolithic technology record gong back 50,000 years
  67. Roman Fortifications Question
  68. What happened to the seven churches of Revelation?
  69. Oldest known intact Greek shipwreck found in Black Sea
  70. Early Japanese Christian scroll discovered
  71. Pontius Pilate's name found on ring
  72. Archeology oopses
  73. Seal with Biblical Name found
  74. Confirmations of the New Testament
  75. An interesting question about boring legends.
  76. Irving Finkel | The Ark Before Noah: A Great Adventure
  77. Jewish accounts similar to the gospel narratives