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  1. Human Beings
  2. A scientific study of gays in the wild
  3. The first Clovis burial found of one year old infant.
  4. Ancient Humans Bred with Completely Unknown Species
  5. Oldest DNA ever found sheds light on humans' global trek
  6. Oldest engraving on shell - Homo erectus
  7. New Skull Could Be from Human Group that Interbred with Neandertals
  8. "Big Brain" Gene Allowed for Evolutionary Expansion of Our Neocortex
  9. On divine commands and moral judgments
  10. Connection between natural gas, wooden palaces, aeronautics and megalithes
  11. Ancient Chinese pottery reveals 5,000-year-old beer brew
  12. DNA results are in: Early humans and Neanderthals made babies together
  13. Facts
  14. Oldest Modern-Human Fossil Outside Africa Found in Israel
  15. Stone tools found in Texas at least 16,000 years old
  16. 2.4-million-year-old tools found in Algeria could upend human origin story
  17. The orign of humanity in South Africa I