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  1. When did Herod the Great die?
  2. Where can I find resources on dating major Biblical events?
  3. The End Is Near?
  4. Burying the White Gods: New Perspectives on the Conquest of Mexico
  5. Noah: Is this a good movie? Is it good ancient history?
  6. London Excavation of Bubonic Plaque Cemetery
  7. Another look at Jezebel.
  8. Remembering WW2
  9. 100 years ago today, the world changed.
  10. Amerika's global Midas touch
  11. Can anybody confirm or dismiss this reference?
  12. Accuracy of The Crusades - Pilgrimage or Holy War?: Crash Course World History #15
  13. The Truth About Emperor Frederick The Second
  14. What ancient peoples are you?
  15. Christian Massecre at Verden
  16. A really cool video of archaic languages
  17. Religion Unnecessary In Science Classroom
  18. Will the real date of the Exodus please stand out.
  19. The four corners of the world
  20. Reasons for the sacking of Jerusalem
  21. van Creveld on Western armies
  22. A sword that cuts insect
  23. The Myth of the Neronian Persecution
  24. Japan Pays Respect at Pearl Harbor
  25. How many Native Americans were directly killed by whites (and vice versa)?
  26. Steven Anderson on Darius the Mede
  27. Australia Finds Wreck of World War I Submarine
  28. The death of Herod 4BC, 1BC or 1AD?
  29. History of Actual Penalties
  30. Creepiest war
  31. George Washington Was a Master of Deception
  32. Crucifixtion
  33. CIA's government Funded Paranormal Projects For War Espionage
  34. Who Cracked Enigma?
  35. The Moment That Made Neil Armstrong’s Heart Rate Spike
  36. This Has Been the Best Year Ever