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Steven Avery
04-12-2016, 09:10 AM

We have learned much about Codex Sinaiticus since the superb work of the Codex Sinaiticus Project in 2009 placed the manuscript online. We have been able to see the united manuscript digitally online (most of the ms, 347 leaves, is today at the British Library, 43 leaves are in Leipzig, small parts are in St. Petersburg and St. Cathrine's monastery.) And we can see the superb condition of the ms. in a video put out by the BBC, flexible, supple, in great shape.

This was the first reuniting of the manscript, digitally, before that people rarely viewed both sections. We have learned that the evidence supports the accusations made around 1862-1864 that the manuscript had been coloured by hand in the 1850s. That means simply the British portion from 1859 is a variable yellow, while the Leipzig portion which left Sinai in 1844 is white parchment. The white parchment is itself a huge anomaly, since manuscripts yellow from age and use, and this ms. is purported to be 1650 years old with a 1,000+ years of use. The means of colouring was said to be lemon-juice, in order to give the appearance of being "yellow with age." Interestingly, we can easily see the contrast between the "white parchment" leaves in Leipzig that left Sinai in 1844 before the colouring and the British pages in a composite picture.

There is much about Codex Sinaiticus that says ... modern production. I encourage all individuals interested in the accuracy of our Bible heritage and the integrity of modern scholarship to really research the information, which is easy to find online.

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Steven Avery
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