View Full Version : SIMPLE Affordable Speech-to-Text Solution for Profoundly Deaf

Cow Poke
02-24-2018, 01:43 PM
PLEASE read before you respond, cause I'm looking for something very specific.

Not just a "speech to text" program like Dragon Naturally Speaking, but a SIMPLE to operate appliance or device.

Here's the background.

John and Mary are 96 and 93 years old respectively, and in pretty good health for old folks.
John is profoundly deaf. Even with his hearing aid, you have to shout for him to hear.

This is a delightful gracious couple, and have been married for nearly 70 years.

John doesn't come to church much anymore, because even with our "assisted listening" devices (small FM radio with earphone) he can't hear the preaching.

WHAT I WOULD LOVE is to give them a very SIMPLE TO OPERATE device where Mary could talk to the device, text would display, and John could read it.
He can speak loudly enough for Mary to hear, so it's a one-way problem.

What I ENVISION is a device like an iPad, where Mary would speak, and the "speech to text" app would display her words for John to read.
It would be even GREATER if the device were able to receive the "words" from a bluetooth microphone, so they could actually sit in their own chairs at home, John would hold the iPad device, and Mary could speak in her normal voice into a microphone.

Remember - SIMPLE enough for 90+ year old people to operate without assistance, economical enough for me to buy it for them.

Let's explore some options.

Cow Poke
02-24-2018, 04:20 PM
This one looks like a possibility.


02-26-2018, 06:01 AM
I believe Desertberean is deaf. You might PM her.