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11-14-2014, 06:10 AM
To keep it brief and simple, Nov 8, a Saturday, dear friends of mine gathered to celebrate a birthday, and we delighted in each other's company, making us realize what an astounding fellowship we truly are. I can definately I am proud, honored, and delighted to be in such a fellowship where we genuinely love each other.


And if that weren't enough, I asked my lady if we could initiate "Noviazgo" (Spanish word to describe the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend) after three months of dating, and euphorically said YES!!! to me. The two of us were ecstatic. And this was right after a discussion that we successfully managed to solve, and it made me realize, we definitely can work through our squabbles through and through in communication and understanding. As of the moment of this writing, my days as a bachelor are numbered, and have formalized the relationship. Wether this relationship will culminate in marriage or not, I am bursting with thanksgiving in having met such a GOD-FEARING, RADIANT and ASTOUNDING woman, the two of us are euphoric yet committed to see where this relationship will go. Did I mention that I am absolutely gaga for her? :yipee:


And of course, to have you guys, brothers and sisters from afar, yet committed to the cause of the Christ. To many of you (CowPoke, JPH, Jed, Spartacus, Leonhard, Mossy, Manwe, Cerebrum, Sparko, ApologiaPhoenix, those who come to mind as of this post), I may not have mentioned this, so here it is! but you are examples of which I have molded my character in my time here in TWeb, and pay close heed to the advice, acts, and arguments that you have given in the past, and it warms my heart to have known such noble brothers and sisters, and to have your fellowship here at least via TWeb. Some of you were instrumental in leading me to stay in the Church when my faith was faltering many years ago, and it is a fellowship I still cherish to this day, and it honors me to say I AM A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH, and I burst with bravado in knowing you are all truly my brothers and sisters in Christ.

These things, along with having a good job, a long awaited opportunity to finish college properly and graduate with my long delayed major, it just made me realize how good I have it. Even when I have not been serving as optimally as I could be in the cause of the Christ, I burst with tears with how much Grace the Lord has granted me, it truly moves me to realize how good I have it even amidst such a violent nation that I live in. Not only that I am still alive, but also in good and optimum health, and blessed with a comfortable home, good and loyal friends, a good church, and now, a noble and virtuous woman to stand side to side. Even when all of that may crumble to the ground as it happened with Job, I will still praise the Almighty and Graceful, I can't help but be thankful for the wonderful life he has granted me these long years. And this past weekend, it feels like I have found a bountiful amount of love (both regained and acquired), and it compels me to worship the Divino Maestro (Divine Master), Lord of Lords, King of Kings, and would like that you be witness of that, for I truly TRULY feel blessed beyond my expectations, in tears and happy, feeling like wealthy and powerful king. :bawl::yipee:

Okay, so maybe it wasn't brief after all, heheh. But yeah, much of this I felt like sharing with you guys, for it seems like so many pieces are falling ever so smoothly and in the right places as of late for me. I am awares it can't last indefinitely, but at least for these instances, it feels like golden times for me. :smile:

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:highfive: :thumb:

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:brood: You mention Manwe and not me?? :rant:

:lol: Great post!

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Amen, brother!

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