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12-28-2014, 02:08 PM
I have often thought I should ask for prayer for this man. I refrained because I was uncertain about a number of things. That said I offer this news about a recent crisis in his life and the lives of the children he cares for in China.


There were a bunch of terrible lying articles about him and the wicked things he did - orchestrated by some folks with animosity for him. He was under the hand of the Chinese authorities and was cleared of all charges against him. He cares for several youngsters who were abandoned by their parents. Some had cleft palate and I am not sure what all reasons people had to dump babies - most were girls, so that gives a clue.

Our church provides support for Uncle Ray. I have been praying for him for some time. I ask your prayers for this man and his work with these abandoned children. He is attempting to adopt them with no success as he has no birth certificates, nor any paperwork on them at all. It looks like there "may" be some movement on getting paperwork for them, and a move to adopt.

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