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Yeah, kinda cheesy, but hey.

Hey ya'll, Buzzword here.

I'm 29 years old, married, currently working on my Masters in English Education in the hopes of becoming an English professor.
I consider myself well-read, having worked at the local public library for nearly a decade and taken full advantage of that position on many occasions.
I play piano and guitar and sing baritone.

I list myself as an "unorthodox" Christian because many of my theological conclusions stem from my own unique life experiences and education rather than what is preached from most pulpits.

I'm currently not a member of a local church, having suffered a grievous falling-out with the church my wife and I were married in after the former pastor retired and the new one seemed hellbent on undoing all the good work his predecessor had accomplished in the community (and in my own personal spiritual life).

I take some pride in living in the Bible Belt while having close Atheist/Agnostic/Whatever friends who have routinely confided in me that "I wish there were more Christians like you."

This will be the fourth theology board I've been on, and I look forward to the interaction!

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brain-washing, ready to go. check.

Brain bleach. check.

Don't worry, we will have you thinking right in no time at all!

Bill the Cat
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Welcome aboard.

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Unorthodox? Heretic! ... Or I guess I can say hi! That's another approach.

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