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  1. OK!
    Apologetics 301 it is.
  2. In my opinion Apologetics 301 would be the best place to put such a discussion.
  3. Dear Cerebrum,
    I need some advice.
    I want to enter posts, maybe threads (?) about Jesus and the close associates that he knew during his life and vocation. Obviously these are not needed by those who have faith or certitude as Christians, more as 'food for thought' for any atheists, agnostics or extremist skeptics who might occassiionally visit the forum.
    I have looked hard for the exactly right section for such work, but am sure to get it wrong unless directed to the right place.
    To give you some idea of subject matter, debate/discussion about 'Flavius Josephus did write about Jesus', or 'How do we know that Jesus lived if we can't use the bible?' or 'Who were the disciples?' ..... proposals to get the skeptics thinking, rather than decrying.....
    My only value, or interest, is in debating the fact of Jesus's life and vocation. But some would be surprised at what a deist historian can come up with.
    So... please..... can I use Tektonics.... or which?
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