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Voluntary Financial Support

When this site was started, it was the heart of its three Owners that it would always be free of any obligatory monetary support from its members. The site is not set up as a business but rather the personal hobby of the Owners. There are no obligatory fees or charges of any form to use or enjoy this site - it is absolutely free to our members and visitors. TheologyWeb does not exist to make a profit for its Owners. The site is completely run by volunteers and is dependant upon voluntary monetary support. We do make the opportunity available here for anyone who would like to voluntarily contribute towards the expenses of this site, but regardless of any support received the Owners will continue to personally fund this venture. We thank everyone who considers a contribution or has already contributed in the past. An accounting of the monthly expenses and voluntary gifts is available upon request from the Owners to our regular contributors. All monies given as gifts will solely be used for the expenses of the site such as server fees/costs, recurring or one-time fees (domain registration, licenses, filing fees, postal fees etc.), software and hardware upgrades and purchases, programming/site design/administrative services, advertising, pre-paying (and saving against) anticipated future site costs, and other site-related expenditures. In the event that the site no longer exists, any monies remaining will be donated to a charity of the Owners' choice.

Please note that contributions to TheologyWeb are not tax deductible but are designated gifts to the Owners promised to be used for site expenses alone.


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