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At the time of registration certain personal information is collected from you such as your email address and other optional personal information. Additionally, IP addresses may also be collected for administration purposes. You have the option to decline or accept emails from other users of this forum and to hide your email address from public view however upon registration a valid email address is required for registration. If you decline to receive emails from the forum, you may still receive emails from the Site Administration for administrative purposes only.

Once registered with our forum, registrations are not removed or deleted though users can opt out of receiving any email or other communications generated by the forum. Accounts may be banned upon request which removes the username from our viewable membership list. Existing past posts will still appear on the forum threads and cannot be removed.


Your settings, registration and hidden profile information is only viewable by you and the Site Administration. We strongly suggest the protection and secrecy of your password to ensure this protection of your personal information. Passwords are not available to the Site Administrators so if you lose your password, it will need to be reset.

Private Messages and Pages

The Private Message system is completely confidential and only viewable by you and the addressee. We do not monitor private messages and due to the nature of private messaging, please be respectful to the guidelines of the site and if there is cause given that any user is abusing the Private Messaging or Email system stated in the forum rules, their ability to use these privileges will be removed. Any illegal activity conducted via Email or Private Message that is reported will result in immediate banishment from the site. However, pages made on the site are logged/archived and are viewable at any time by members of leadership and should be treated accordingly and given the amount of expectation of privacy to leadership as a Shoutbox comment. We will not have a policy of routinely reviewing pages except in cases of suspected abuse, but the membership needs to be aware, that unlike private messages, the review ability exists.


TheologyWeb uses cookies to store and track your movements on the forum. Certain features on the forum do require that you accept cookies in order to function properly. You may refuse to accept cookies, you may have to re-login each time you move from one area of the forum to another as the board software will have no way of tracking that you are logged in. Therefore, it is highly recommended that cookies be enabled while browsing TheologyWeb. All information contained from cookies are completely confidential and private and visible to no one, even the Site Administrators.

Administrator Remark

TheologyWeb is committed to protecting your privacy and will not disclose any personal information collected from you that is not made public without your prior written consent unless other laws require otherwise, there is a request from a law enforcement or government agency, or if the disclosure of such information is needed to protect TheologyWeb, its members, or any person or property from intentional or unintentional interference or harm. TheologyWeb will never sell, lease, or rent your personal information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy issues here at TheologyWeb please do not hesitate to contact the Forum Administration.

Your TheologyWeb Admin team!

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