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Thread: What women want to hear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Xena View Post
    ==That is a fudge since the problem is getting violence off the table.===

    Umm no it isnít. It is the primary issue. You canít cure initiatory violence with initiatory violence. You canít even define it without a clear understanding of rights.

    == A good deal of taxes are spent on mopping up the effects on the innocent of violence -damage to public property, arson, road accidents after drinking , people fleeing violent situations in other places and seeking asylum.===

    And there is no right to my body or funds to do so. You cannot use violence on me to remediate the effects of violence I didnít cause.

    == We would all have a lot less to pay if violence was off the table but it isnt. ====

    And there is no right to my body or funds to do so.

    ==Um, no - the South was afraid it would be unable to compete if the labor were wage instead of slave - and they were initially correct. It isn't until the invention of harvesters that could separate the cotton from the plant that cotton became competitive again - until Egypt and the others started using them. Cotton stopped being king in large part due to the loss of slavery.


    Thank you for proving my point.

    Still waiting to hear. You gonna come rob me yourself, or is it only okay when the state does it?

    ==That's the dumbest thing I've seen in a while - unless Scripture defines taxation as theft - and it doesn't - the analogy holds zero water. It's just plain dumb. You know full well God's law supersedes that of Man - so show that God's law is being violated by taxation when Jesus Himself did not say so. ===

    Thou shalt not steal. Except when you vote for it in majority numbers.

    The analogy holds perfect water since Jesus never said thou shalt not hold slaves either, and Paul sent the runaway back.

    OhÖ. yeah. Taxation is really really dumb too. Justifying it is the dumbest thing I have seen in a while. I can play that too. (would LOVE to hear the justification for the American RevolutionÖ. Scripture is fine with excessive and unjust taxation Ö. )

    Likely out of here again until my next random drop in. Sometimes I just gotta see how decent people justify their positive rights and entitlements against other people. And like to see how conservatives do it just as much as a big bad evullll libera

    You mixed up two different threads - and use the danged quote feature!

    Your point was that things will eventually get done a generation after the change is made? Seriously?

    The analogy is still crap - and the a priori fallacy doesn't help.
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    I fell in love when he leaned over and whispered in my ear, "taxation is theft."

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