Are you tired of trying to find that thread you posted in yesterday by looking through the "What's New" menu?

Well you want to use Thread Subscriptions. Subscriptions show you all of the threads you are involved in. By default, a subscription is added automatically for you whenever you post in a thread (unless you changed it in your profile).

So how do you find your subscriptions? Easy. Just look at the top right of your browser screen and click on "settings"


This takes you to your setting page in addition to being able to change various settings and options, it shows you a list of all of your subscriptions that have new posts in them. (if there are no new posts it will say so and be blank. You can click on "show all subscriptions" to see the ones that don't have new posts if you just want to check them out)

subscription page.jpg

Then if you want to go to the next newest post since the last time you visited that thread, click on the little blue ball icon at the front of the thread title:

new post.jpg

Easy, right?

Next how to manually add or remove a subscription....

At the top of each thread page there is a menu that allows you to do various things like control the thread subscriptions. You can use it to add a new subscription without having to post in the thread, or you can unsubscribe from a thread if you no longer want it to show up in your subscription list.

(you won't have the "administrative" menu shown in the screen grab unless you are a moderator, sorry )

On the confirmation page, just leave the default "through my control panel only" - unless you want to add email notifications too, so that it sends you an email everytime someone posts in the thread, which can get annoying but is useful if you don't check tweb that often)

That's it. I hope this helps make your visits to theologyweb more enjoyable.

I will leave this thread open for questions, but please do not spam, thanks.