Sometimes I get story ideas. I do like them but often I find I get stuck. I dont know what to do when I write stuff down.

My idea currently involves a series of different heros who all come together eventually to fight against a foe each of them has faced the el dritch being TYPHON.

Some of the heros I xame up with include.
Madcap- a former smuggler and gangster turned superhero who uses his wits, his hammerspace abilities, and his charisma to fight evil.
Pavlov- A dog like being called a keinyne who was forcibly mutated by typhon. The pavlov symbiote inside him allowing him to adapt to all kinds of situations. Triggered by trauma pavlov struggles with his newfound violent power. (Inspired partially by the manga Baoh)
Tatsumaki- A travelling swordsman persecuted by his former government for his faith. His feline like body and ability to pressurize the air make him as agile as he is deadly

I do have some other stuff but not much. It just seems kinda cool.