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Thread: Getting fit again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raphael View Post
    The back story:
    My main form of exercise was mountain biking (and cycling to work most days) with the odd game of squash or paintball thrown in.
    When I injured my right arm (TFCC tear) that dropped off noticeably (as couldn't ride, or cycle etc.) and once I started with the surgeries to correct it, that ground to a halt.
    So I have about four years of minimal exercise. I am now cleared to cycle again.

    I did walk the 10km race of the 2016 Hawke's Bay Marathon in May (1:36:32), but over the winter have not done much since. Since it is now spring I have started the long hard slog to becoming fit again (it's a lot harder in my mid 30's than it was when in my 20's)
    I also need to drop about 15kg (I want to get down to aleast 85kg, at the moment I'm varying between 96.5kg and 99.5kg). I'm planning on that being 5kg at a time thing though.

    So to start with through MapMyFitness mine beloved and I have challenged my one brother and sister-in-law to who can do the most km's between the 8th October and 27th November. (so walking, jogging, running, cycling all included)
    To try achieve that I am walking/jogging in my lunch breaks. And on Tuesdays/Thursdays I am doing either cycling or jogging in the evening while my 10 year old cycles with me.

    So far I've managed to survive the first week, and now am getting into the second week.

    (I also have to do light weight training with my right arm to rebuild muscle after 4 years of not being able to use my arm)
    My advice is plan on more than one venue for an exercise program. I have biked, played tennis, hiked, and jogged, a year ago settled on a membership in a gym Planet Fitness for $10.00 a month. In the gym I can choose between a variety of exercise equipment and weight training equipment to stay fit. This has worked best for me.
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