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Thread: Your help is needed. Please donate.

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    Your help is needed. Please donate.

    As you all know, Tweb was recently down and we lost a couple of days worth of posts. This was due basically to our current version of software (VBulletin 4) being at its "end of life" - meaning that it is not being updated. This caused problems when we updated our server software, it made our forum incompatible with the latest version of PHP.

    Anyway, as a solution and because we believe it is time, we are going to upgrade to Vbulletinboard 5.2 - but it is expensive so we need your help.

    It is going to cost us $359 to upgrade the software, and we will be using a separate server to do the testing so we won't be messing up the current tweb. That will take a few months and will mean we will have to temporarily have to pay for a second server at $24/month.

    So we are coming to you to beg for donations. Please give what you can. You can make a one time donation of any amount, or if you wish please consider signing up for a monthly subscription (as low as $5/month) which you can stop at any time.

    The link to our donation page is:

    The new version of Vbulletin will have some nice features:
    1. You can customize how the site looks and feels in your settings panel. Change buttons, colors, etc.
    2. Built-in Post "likes"
    3. Built-in Chat box
    4. Mobile apps for IOS and Android.
    5. Personal Blogs
    6. Better search filters

    Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    And Thank You for supporting Theologyweb!
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