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Thread: Jean Paul Sartre

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin-roh View Post
    Did you even read a word that Sartre said? I'm not sure if you really understand him. If you did, why would you say something like...

    It's one thing to disagree with a person. (I've read a lot of Sartre, and obviously I don't share his metaphysical commitments), the problem I see is a knee-jerk judgment on something you admitted to not understanding, and then citing a bullet point caricature summary of existentialism that didn't even bother to cite or quote the words of a single secular existentialist.

    You do see the problem there right? It's a bit like some village atheist saying "Christianity is stupid, because why couldn't Jesus have killed the Romans trying to crucify him?... But I've never really read the Gospels... Here's a link!"
    Your criticism likely very valid, while being valid it is not helpful to me. At least not at this time or at this point. I appreciate that you provided the link to Sartre's article. I made it clear, I think, what is called existentialism does not make sense to me. For example he said: ". . . the existential atheists, amongst whom we must place Heidegger as well as the French existentialists and myself. What they have in common is simply the fact that they believe that existence comes before essence or, if you will, that we must begin from the subjective. . . ." From the subjective? To me, that type of thinking makes no good sense at all.

    Now I believe it is to be understood empirically that existence precedes essence. Without an existence there can be no essence.

    Now maybe you can see clearly what I do not see at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 37818 View Post

    Now I believe it is to be understood empirically that existence precedes essence.
    This is what an existentialist believes, but I don't think that you are one...

    Sartre is saying that an object like a pair of scissors, a frying pan, a car etc all have essence before their existence. As in, there is a logically prior plan, purpose, and design for this objects before they are brought into existence.

    Sartre thinks that humans have existence before essence, which means that that there is no plan, purpose, or design to human life and there is no abstract 'human nature' or anything. Humans make those up as they go along, and only our commitment makes things true. "Subjective" means something like 'thinking being' as opposed to abstract concepts.

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