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Thread: Why liberal elites promote gay marriage

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    Why liberal elites promote gay marriage

    In the shortest possible form:

    Homosexual love is a symbol of equality in that, in the act, it connects two entities that are closer to being the same. Sex between men and women is a conjugation of two inherently unequal beings. Attempting to portray men and women as ‘equals’ requires a lot of continual rhetorical bluster to obscure the obvious reality. Holding up homosexual love as moral paragon comes naturally to egalitarians, because it matches with their political conceptions (which prizes the mental unreality of ideal forms over nature).
    In case this sounds a little too big-wordy to some of you, let's connect this equalitarian unreality if ideal forms to posts by liberals here:

    Squarepeg: Suppose we live in a bizarro society...

    ...a super-detailed thought experiment which conveniently failed to include how gays would make and raise bizarro children, though actual biological facts are never the strong suit of a liberal.

    Outis: You just invalidated as "marriage" any union of two adults that are known in advance to not be fertile,

    ...just like every man who never got to fight a war in his lifetime has his manhood by definition invalidated, right?

    Samsgar: If our main concern is societal well-being, I think we have sufficient evidence to show that same-sex marriages don't deteriorate society in any sense that would affect our pluralistic societal policy.

    Your pluralistic policy is evil and stupid, and destroys physical as well as legal and spiritual institutions.

    phank: So I'll repeat for you: equality under the law is being extended to include yet another group which has been discriminated against for no reason the state can find compelling. I regard this as a good sign, much as I regarded the elimination of slavery, and extending the right to vote to women, as good things.

    We have advanced from paying black people small amounts of money to do work to paying them large amounts of money to do nothing, or at least to keep their criminality to an acceptably low level, or confined to their own neighborhoods. The deadly consequences of female suffrage should be well-apparent to anyone who's been fighting the abortion wars seriously for any length of time.

    Psychic Missile Bonus Round: Marriage has been culturally and legally redefined for millennia. I think gay marriage is the most seriously thought out redefinition in history.

    Get thee to Sailer.

    As you can see, the common thread in these objections is not an objective view of the functionality or goodness of gay marriage as such, but a pernicious and destructive belief in human equality no matter how horrific the outcome in practice. Please update all your arguments accordingly.

    And if anyone comes into the thread saying " and women really are Christ...or something..." you will not be asked to leave, but you will be roundly mocked and put on my next list.

    Also, now that we've taken care of gay marriage, you may want to give a thought to restoring patriarchy, which was in fact the target of these people to begin with:

    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Dampier
    The Aristotelian view is that patriarchy leads to the private property hierarchical social order. There are thousands of years of evidence behind the proposition that patriarchy is the critical cultural bulwark that promotes a politics of private property. Plato agreed on this point. The Communists agree on this point, and as such, advance social orders that undermine patriarchy, because it’s known that it’s the atom of the private property social order.

    Merely because an atom can be split doesn’t mean that it ought to be, because doing so eliminates its essential characteristics.

    It’s because of this that the left is so aggressively attacking the remnants of patriarchal social order that remains within the Western world. Each destroyed family is a victory for the parasitical forces that make up the left. The distributed hierarchical structure is what makes complex political and economic forms possible. Enabling laws like divorce make that structure legally insecure, and simple to predate upon.
    In other words, put no faith in complex political and economic forms, even in your own country, if paternal authority is not restored. This takes precedence over all other issues, even abortion, simply because it takes a man to kill, whether it's a baby or an abortionist.
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