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Hi there,

I was wondering if I could get some thoughts and perspectives on artificial life support...if a physical life can be sustained with the use of machines, should it?

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By physical life I mean simply its mechanisms. Assume, for the sake of argument, that this person who is being sustained has a slim to none chance of regaining their faculties which would allow them to live a life of action, communication, or anything of the like.
Impossible to know and therefore foolish to grant.
But granting it anyway, so what? There's a chance even in your scenario. And exactly when did life only become worthwhile if you are healthy?

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Given that life support is expensive for the family members of this individual, what of their plight?
Again, so what? Bankruptcy is an option assuming a legal responsibility. It's more of an issue with the hospital - which makes the hospital an interested party and very much a biased one.

Lots of people not on life support are expensive for the rest - should we kill those on welfare? The logic is identical.

The answer, by the way, is no.

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Does not necessity and their quality of life matter as well and, given the nature of life support, they'd be drained of resources which would potentially claim the family's quality of life.
Nope, not in the least. Mostly because it's a false dichotomy.

The other reason is because utilitarianism is a bad thing. This reeks of it.

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I wonder, then, how one could face this issue: God is surely the one who gives and takes away and are we incorrect to offer life support to those who cannot be sustained otherwise?
Unless medical science somehow became omnipotent, this is a non-issue. There is no technology that can keep alive that which God has taken away.

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What then of the chance an individual on life support might recover?
forget recover - mere consciousness, undetected and unknown, is sufficient to not be murdering defenseless people.

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Would you invoke the argument that the one on life support is one of "the least of these" to whom we are to give every effort to preserve and honor?
No, human is sufficient. Scripture doesn't give license to murder rich and powerful people, either.

I understand this issue isn't black and white, I would simply like to know some different opinions on the matter.