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Thread: Mr Holding's friend

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    Mr Holding's friend

    He is being diagnosed. He might have gone cancer. Please God help him. If he gets better let the world know. If it is his time help his loved ones and him find peace. Amen.

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    Since it's been made public now, I can reveal who this friend is. It's Elliot Miller, chief editor for the Christian Research Journal.

    I wrote a bit about how we know him in a Ticker post back in 2016:

    Elliot in particular has been a special blessing to my wife and I, and you’ll note that I refer to him by his first name, as though to a friend. That is exactly what he and his wife Corinne are to us. A few years back, they moved to the southern part of Florida, and proposed a get-together in person. Much to our delight, we found in them a couple of kindred spirits who appreciated many of the same things we do: Nature walks, museums, and zoos, for example; and naturally, we talk shop about apologetics. We now have an established biannual ritual where we visit one another in our respective hometowns: They come see us in May, we go see them in December. The friendship of the Millers has been, in many ways, the most treasured reward that has come of my work with CRI, and I look forward to many more years of serving that publication and visiting with our special brother and sister in faith.
    For now at least, the visits we make will be down to where they are rather than the other way around. He's got a treatment plan, and he's following it. I'll keep this space up to date as much as allowable and possible.

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