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I answered you - read Romans. Jesus sacrifice covers the sin of mankind. All of mankind. It is applied only to those who ask him for salvation.

Basically it is like a prepaid ticket waiting for you to ask for it at the box office. It is there for anyone who asks. But only those who do ask will get it. Anyone who doesn't will pay their own way even though there was a prepaid ticket just waiting for them if they wanted.

In your case you do know about it yet you refuse to accept it. So rather than worry about the "millions who didn't know" you should worry about yourself because you will have no excuse.
C'mon Sparko, even you can't be that stupid. No one can ask Jesus to save them if they had never even heard of his existence. In my case I have heard what I believe to be nonsense, so no, I do not know and yet refuse to accept it, I've heard and don't believe it. But we are no talking about me, I'm talking about all of those billions who died never having heard of Jesus.