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I think you need to clarify what you mean by your proposition that the Holy Spirit is not God. Do you, for example, mean the Holy Spirit is not God in person? Do you mean the Holy Spirit is not God ontologically? Jesus' declaration that the Father is the only true God is obviously a nuanced assertion. It must be because the Bible speaks factually about other persons as God. Or perhaps I should say the Bible speaks of other persons as GOD/god, recognizing that in the earliest NT manuscripts every letter of every word was capitalized and in the somewhat later manuscripts nothing was capitalized. The modern Christian practice of capitalizing the first letter only of "God" is intended to distinguish the person in question as belonging to the Trinity -- three distinct persons possessing ontological equality, two of whom have their origin in the third. (This is how the early church fathers understood the Trinity.)
Thanks Cale for your clarification.

I submit that the Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit is not God that does not possess the attributes of the only true God.