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I'm kind of lukewarm on the whole idea of Systematic Theologies. Once upon a time, I kind of had the idea that a good ST would take most of the important stuff I needed to know from Scripture and give it to me in organized form. That appealed to me, perhaps in part because my college degree was in electrical engineering.

Eventually, reality rose up and confronted me: There are many STs, and they contradict on some non-trivial issues. And when the "proof-texts" adduced in STs are considered in context, they often seem dubious. I get the impression that often, STs start with a theological and philosophical framework based on a few texts, into which framework all other texts are force-fit. The resulting System is often comprehensive, concise, consistent, comprehensible, even convincing -- but also contrived; when one is reading or studying Scripture, and finds oneself "working" to make a passage fit the "system" he's been taught, something is amiss.

These days, I prefer the work of Biblical Scholars and Biblical Theologians.
The Bible does not really lend itself to being systematised - that approach leaves out too much that does not fit. And life is not systematisable either. STs have a place - they are not useless, by any means - but they canít be the only kind of theology.