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I'm sure you are not surprised to hear that this is a fairly regular refrain. But then again, it's a refrain within Christianity as well. Anyone who's theology doesn't align is "not Christian" or "Unchristian." But it is curious that you would say "you're wrong" about my reported experiences. Apparently I have'nt experienced what I've experienced. Odd that.
Perhaps you regularly hear the refrain because you so often out yourself. It's not simply that your theology apparently did not align with Christianity (it didn't), but as far as I can tell, your entire Christian experience was idiosyncratic. I'm not the only one who has noticed that on this forum. Every time you post you demonstrate a bit more what little understanding you have of a faith you claimed to have so cherished. It's little wonder you apostatized.

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And yet that is a common response. Seer has used it. Sparko has used it. Well.. I gave you a list before. If there are people here who think/discuss differently, I have not met them or had that type of discussion with them.

I believe my comments were about people here, on this forum that I have had exchanges with, Adrift. I'm not sure how it got projected to the entire population of Christians. Indeed, I was fairly clear that I am aware some Christians exist who DO question the bible statements and do NOT base their moral framework on it. Somehow, you seem to have missed that observation.

Well, I guess that explains how you missed the observation...

I can only speak to what I have observed. If I have not met them, or discussed with them, then I cannot know about them.

Was it not on this very forum that I told you that this view was not accurate? That several regulars upvoted my post after telling you it wasn't accurate (including Sparko)? But your rebuttal was an attempt to move from the specific to the general. You were quite obviously using your example with seer (which I also explored in that other thread) as something you saw normative of Christian moralism, and you insisted on this interpretation after I called you on it. Furthermore, someone so serious about his Christian faith that he attended seminary should have at some point come into contact with Augustine and Kierkegaard. If not there, at least some time in your many years on the forum (perhaps before the crash). If your experiences are indeed so limited that you're not familiar with Christian ethics, perhaps you shouldn't write about it with such confidence.

Also, the bit you slipped in about questioning the Bible and NOT basing one's moral framework on it misses the point. Plenty of Christians (likely the majority) have a healthy enough moral framework that allows investigation, acceptance, and integration of certain moral teachings espoused in scripture while recognizing that it offers illumination on moral intuitions they had previous to their conversion. In other words, while plenty of Christians continue to question the Bible, they need not reject it's teachings out and out to demonstrate that their moral framework is pinned on more than "because the Bible says so."