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Thread: Majority of white evangelicals say racial diversity bad for America

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    A bit late to the discussion here.

    There's so many layers to this. Here's my view. White culture and conservative politics leeched into the church and married gospel directives with whiteness. That's not necessarily bad when cultural values align with biblical values (e.g., abortion and homosexuality), but this isn't always the case where valid arguments can be made to the contrary of mainline cultural values (e.g., capitalism, immigration, healthcare, etc.)

    When whites say they don't value "diversity" (i.e. persons of non-white culture and values in the church ) it's probably because they've conflated the gospel with white culture. It may be wrapped in gospel clothing, but it's really a response to preserving white culture underneath. That is, traditions, behaviors, art, verbal and non-verbal communication, etc. This happened with the Brits when they colonized America and sent missionaries to the native tribes. In their effort to "convert" the heathen, they made conversion to Christ synonymous with conversion to British culture and failed miserably. They could not distinguish true conversion from inadaptability to British customs and traditions.

    Whites are predisposed to ethnocentrism. White culture is default and central. Everything else is variant and wrong. It's hard not to see this when the USA sits as the undisputed king of greatness by most measures (e.g., GDP, military strength, entertainment, science & technology) and was founded by whites, governed by whites, and majorly white everywhere except urban racial enclaves, professional basketball & football, and the service industry workplace. It's very difficult for whites to see how hard it is for minority groups to succeed in a white dominated country where your cultural values (again, verbal and non-verbal communication, art, behavior, etc.) aren't appreciated or respected and you're forced to adapt to theirs. They expect minorities to first become white before they are welcomed into the church.

    This mindset creeps into theology. English is God's language, soft speech is God's tone, arm-distance communication is God's comfort zone, country is God's music, semi-loose fitting jeans is God's apparel, etc. These are stereotypes of course and not everyone or every church fits into them. But the point is that white Americans unconsciously react first as white Americans and second as Christians. It's difficult for us to see the difference. And I'm white & generally conservative.

    Edit: I just realized I had the church in mind and not the country. I think my opinion would be slightly different than this. I'll leave as-is in case it's worth a discussion.
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