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Thread: The book Darwin Devolves

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    Quote Originally Posted by lee_merrill View Post
    But in the paper, just the selection for the previous state was considered. And evolution was not expected to get back there.

    And in the paper, what was considered was getting back to the previous state, not to any similar state.
    Source: Bridgham, Ortlund, Thornton

    The evolutionary reversibility of a protein can be evaluated at three levels: molecular sequence, protein function, and the structural/mechanistic underpinnings for that function. The latter is most relevant to understanding the roles of contingency and determinism in evolution. Exact molecular reversal to the ancestral amino acid sequence is extremely unlikely and of trivial interest, because of the large number of sequences that code for the same structure and function. Selection will always produce adaptive functions or phenotypes in some form; however, if the underlying mechanism for a reversed function differs from that of the ancestor, then a new, analogous state will have been achieved by onward evolution, not reversal—a situation similar to false morphological reversal caused by convergent evolution

    © Copyright Original Source

    As usual, refuting Dory only requires confirming that his references don't say what he thinks they do.

    That's at least a dozen times in this thread alone where Dory has misread, misunderstood, forgotten or lied about his sources. The default assumption should be that if he refers to a source, it refutes his claim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLurch View Post

    Always look at the papers that creationists are citing as evidence.
    That ^^^

    I'm always still in trouble again

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