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Wow, THIS from the article you posted...

God clearly commanded the original policy that denied baptism for children of LBGTQ parents. But as we all know, even the man upstairs makes mistakes sometimes. All of us, including God, are all on a path to greater knowledge, perfection, and glory. When God repents, the prophet has a sacred duty to take the fall for him.

This pretty much defines the Mormon "God" -- a fallible being who makes mistakes, and hopes to learn from them.

We saw that every time Joseph Smith came up with a "thus saith the Lord", then had to backtrack and "ok, THIS is 'what saith the Lord' now - forget that earlier proclaimation". (like the whole polygamy scam)
And, for the record, I realize this [the quoted part in the box] was Michael Flournoy's somewhat facetious characterization of the Mormon position, but I thought it was pretty much spot on!

(Let it be known that Flournoy was a Mormon who came to know the REAL Jesus in 2016)