Carl Jung was a beast. Forget freud, he was nothing compared to the Jung. One of the best psychological books, I've read was from Carl Jung. Carl Jung was an amazing psychoanalyst who dwelled deeply in the esoteric aspect of what "psychology" really is. He believed the word "psychology" literally meant the spiritual.

Carl Jung believed the universe was one big soul with millions of mini souls called the anima/animus, depending on male or female. One of his best works was 'man and his symbols" He goes through all myths. He believes the mythological stories are stories we have about our dreams. Artists would paint their dreams which would have a symbolic dreaming. He believes all theological myths came from this. Painting of Michael(archangel) slaying the dragon represents man killing his lower ego beast within. Of the most revealing works known to date.

Here's a free pdf file to his best work, Man And His Symbols