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Thread: Torah Comes From Tarot Cards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerebrum123 View Post
    I remember when playing one of the Assassin's Creed games hearing a guard say "want to play a game of Tarot after our shift?" got me curious on it. Definitely an interesting bit of history.
    Tarot is actually still a pretty commonly played card game in France, Italy, and parts of Germany. The company Modiano-- which is sort of like the Italian equivalent of Bicycle, insofar as playing cards are concerned-- makes a few different decks of Tarot playing cards for the different regional styles of the game.
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    --Thomas Bradwardine, De Continuo (c. 1325)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrawnus View Post
    "Ah, yes, I see. You drew Ash's Pikachu. That means you're going to be the very best, that no ever was. But there is a catch, which is that you will not achieve this without some seriously grueling training."

    Now I'm thinking of a video I saw called Yu-gi-oh Poker Night on the Mashed youtube channel, and man was it hilarious. Not really appropriate for TWeb if I remember right though.

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