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To be fair, I don't see him as saying that. He has said that he wants to find solutions to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but that he doesn't have any as yet. That's why he started the other thread, to brainstorm with people to see how we can change popular culture to see contraception/prevention/adoption in a positive way, and abortion as a thing to be avoided. He just didn't listen when we said we're already on it and the things he's suggesting are not working very well.
My analogy was pointing out that the burglar, the pro-choice crowd, already HAS everything they want, and there is nothing we can compromise with them about.

We already have 99.9% effective birth control. If people don't want to get pregnant they don't have to. And they all know about it. They are taught it at home and at schools. So the fact that there are unwanted pregnancies is due to them not giving a crap. Not taking precautions.