I think that Adam and Eve are not men, but two peoples, and they are more than 2 billion years old. And they are not from the same planet. (Adam is not from Earth, and Eve is not from from Earth. Maybe the Earth wasn't even inhabitant when Adam began to live.) About the 6 days of creation, the time is not one dimensional but at least two. So, the world can be an endless strip, but having finite breadth. We perceive only one dimension of time. Our Universe as a whole, with its end and start of days, is like a photograph of a more complicated world. As I understand it, once, it was a Universe with no men, neither in the beginning, nor in the end. And the men never existed in that Universe. But after some action, the Universe changed, and we appeared, and we live in that Universe. It can be, that after some action, the Universe changes again, and, again, we never existed.