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Your very first post in this thread attacked every Christian who supports Trump to any degree whatsoever. It went downhill from there.

YOU are not innocent.
Here is what he actually wrote in that post:

What I have a very hard time doing is watching so many defend what Trump said, or laugh at the people he said it about.

To support Trump it seems is to lose pieces of one's humanity. I've watched it happen day after day on TWEB over the course of his presidency. Each day he takes another step into the mud, and each day people drop another piece of their soul and follow him in. http://www.theologyweb.com/campus/sh...l=1#post649922
So, in the first part he is talking about "so many" not "all". He is talking about people defending or laughing at a particular act.

In the next part he is careful and points out that it "seems". The observations he then goes on to talk about are not about "every Christian who supports Trump to any degree whatsoever". And I seriously doubt that you cannot see any truth in what he says. Even among the Trump supporters there are some who are a lot more reluctant than others.