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I honestly don't care what people think of my country, or even what people within my country think of my flag. I'll wave it proudly. A psychotic murderer could kill an entire kindergarten with Dannebrog, and I would still celebrate with it the day after.

A flag is meant to bring people together.

I don't know anything about the Betsy Ross flag. Is it a local thing in that area? Using an obscure flag always seems weird to me. Or a bit overly local-patriotic. If I lived in the US I'd just flag that one you have on all your flag poles. Old Glory? Flag flying, in general, is not something you'll get me to stop.

Hippies or Islamists are burning the flag in a protest? Good for them. I don't care. I got another one right here.

Good for you - I wouldn't give two cents for a man who does not support his flag (there are notable exceptions of course).